Thursday, 23 January 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140121 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#Snowden Calls Russian-Spy Story “Absurd” - "American public has a seat at the table now" (v @cfarivar)

In Response To Growing Protests, EU Pulls Corporate Sovereignty Chapter From TAFTA/TTIP 2 Allow Public Consultation -

S&Ds want the investor-state dispute mechanism out of #TAFTA/#TTIP - great, they get it: #ISDS out, not updated

Correa: Ecuador will not sign a FTA with the EU - very wise

#FreeBSD 10.0 Final Released - good to see continuing progress here The Latest IPO To Rise In The East - another name to remember... #china #travel

#NSA #whistleblower Edward #Snowden to hold Q&A Thursday - should be interesting

how to publish an open-access paper in a paywalled journal - useful advice #openaccess #copyright

Police to ask home secretary to approve use of water cannon across country - building the #policestate #uk

important: leaked CETA #ISDS text (nov 2013) - how did I miss this? (v ‏@CETAWatch)#TAFTA/#TTIP

Independent commission on future of Net after #NSA revelations - it's got @MarietjeSchaake, but others are hopeless

Man Subjected To Multiple Rectal Searches And Enemas By Police Officers Receives $1.6 Million Settlement - too little

EU Commission set to betray us with #ISDS - is De Gucht's move a trick? Why we must push for full transparency

#TPP: Warnings From #NAFTA - "Fast-track authority would virtually guarantee passage [of TPP]" (v @schestowitz)

Cross-party groups of MPs to launch private member's bill calling for public ownership to be the default option -

What is PAFTA? - people fighting #TPP/#TTIP/#TAFTA/#CETA/PAFTA; lots of resources, multilingual

Sarkozy plans 2017 comeback - oh no - once was more than enough #HADOPI

Here We Go Again: Canadian Recording Industry Calls on Government To Regulate the Internet - they never give up

State Liability for Regulatory Change: How International Investment Rules are Overriding Domestic Law - good analysis

Death by data: how #Kafka’s The Trial prefigured the nightmare of modern #surveillance state - chilling, but correct

Free trade needs balance - for that, it needs #participation, and for that it needs #transparency #TAFTA/#TTIP

#Japan’s growing #opendata movement - that's welcome

A beaver in England? Well, I'll be dammed - hooray (v  ‏@pourmecoffee @edyong209)

Before Snowden, Nixon Admin Pioneered Evidence-Free 'Russian Spy' Smears Against Daniel Ellsberg - not even original

 Reddit AMA done by groups opposed to fast track - lots of questions about #TPP etc.

 Bad news from the world of #fracking and, even more importantly, corporate control of information - insane

Forget Salmon and Tuna—It's Time to Start Eating 'Trash Fish' - we already do in #EU

Russia Hacked 'Hundreds' of Companies Worldwide - rather more than that, I suspect...

Three Strikes Law Does Nothing to Curb Piracy, Research Finds - so can we just drop it, please? #hadopi

#Malaysia, #Vietnam tarry on state-sector reform - #TPP would take without giving...

Bill Gates Dons Chicken Head for Outrageous Viral Video - well, kudos for that...

Almost Three Times the Risk of Carrying #MRSA from Living Near a Mega-Farm - how many must die before we stop this?

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