Friday, 10 January 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140108 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Making the law faster, simpler, fairer — and cheaper - interesting analysis of important issues (v @VictimsofDSTO)

Arianna Huffington announces launch of World Post news website - Gates?? Blair??? speaking power to truth, clearly...

 Open-source competition for Android, iOS - wow, #tizen is still around? be interesting to see....

Parliament gives belated recognition to Polish WWII hero - what an amazing life...

FIAN launches international action: #TTIP and #TPP void - more moves against them...

Online Privacy Could Spark U.S.-EU Trade Rift - just one of many issues for #TAFTA/#TTIP

A quarter of British & Canadian businesses want their data taken out of US, according to Peer1 - just the start #nsa

#Android’s Rise To Platform Dominance In One Graph - the new Windows, with all the good & bad that implies...

8-bit version of Hopper's Nighthawks - amazingly, still recognisable #art

Reform of #EU #copyright rules: your chance to give your views! - saith @NeelieKroesEU: listen to her...

#DuckDuckGo reveals it saw over 1 billion searches in 2013 - I hope it will be donating to Mr Snowden...

Light Table is #opensource - that's good (v @schestowitz)

How to find a flat in #Berlin - useful, highly practical info for living in one of Europe's most interesting cities

2013 submissions to USTR on #TAFTA/#TTIP - nothing new, but I've just come across it; lots of lobbyist info revealed

2013 Joint EU-US solicitation on regulatory issues in  #TAFTA/#TTIP - & here are the lobbyist submissions to EU

Inside the confusing, contradictory world of Internet piracy studies - good summary (v @ChrChristensen)#copyright

.@doctorow:"Try as I might, I can’t shake the feeling that 2014 is the year we lose the Web" - "it may be game over"

Is Valve’s #SteamBox a contender for the next developer workstation? - nice idea

"concerns about the trustworthiness of Canadian law within the EP could lead to opposition" to #CETA - interesting

The #NSA Leaks Are About Democracy, Not Just Privacy - absolutely

Google Data Chief Says ‘Flawed’ EU Privacy Law Is Dead - you wish, eh?

#ZTE shows off its own Project Ara alternative, the Eco-Mobius modular concept - good to see

German Supreme Court: ISP Subscribers Not Liable For Pirating Family Members - interesting judgment

5 Ιστορίες που δείχνουν τις δυνατότητες του Ανοιχτού Κινήματος και των Αδειών Creative Commons! - #cc

#NSA & #GCHQ activities appear illegal, says EU inquiry - #Snowden evidence could "hamper" US co-operation" on  #TTIP

Could 'Tailored Access Operations' Be An Alternative To 'Collect It All'? - worth thinking about... #nsa

What Intelligence Community Doesn't Get: Backdoor For 'Good Guys' Is Always A Backdoor For The 'Bad Guys' As Well -

Trigger happy Britain? How police shootings compare - comforting to see how rarely guns are fired in UK

Pentagon: #Snowden d/l 1.7 million intelligence file - how can they know? sounds like a smear campaign (v @Smaurizi)

Intel Committee Published Fact-Free Press Release About Secret 'Damage' Assessments of #NSA Leaks - just #FUD

Congress Introduce Bi-Partisan Bill To Abdicate Its Own Role And Screw Over American Public All At Once - what now?

New Gmail Feature Allows Anyone On Google+ To Email You & Vice Versa, But Opt Out Is Provided - won't go down well

Levin Statement on Fast Track Bill - key point: fast track was for minor FTAs, not massive ones #TPP #TAFTA/#TTIP

MT @AnnieMachon EU Parl draft condemns #NSA & #GCHQ mass surveillance: … Well done @ClaudeMoraesMEP >>yup, great work

Bedroom tax loophole could exempt 40,000 wrongly identified as liable - a cruel, unnecessary shambles

Fast track trade bill fails to correct asymmetric secrecy of trade negotiations - all tabled documents must be public

DeLauro, Slaughter, Miller: Fast Track Proposal A Non-Starter - strong words #TPP #TAFTA/#TTIP

EU Parliamentary NSA Report Threatens #CETA Trade Deal - interesting narrative emerging here #CA

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