Saturday, 25 January 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140123 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Statement of South Africa on Access to Essential Medicines (in the wake of Pharmagate) -

Q&A with Edward #Snowden: Thursday 23rd January, 8pm GMT, 3pm EST - complete record of what he wrote

The Junk Science Threat to Free Trade - another attempt to paint precautionary principle as "anti-science"...

re last tweet: part of a larger attempt by corporates to dismantle EU's regulations for greater profit through #TAFTA/#TTIP

ironic, too, that it's a Tory MEP trying to claim mantle of science against EU when UK gov is backsliding  on fighting #climatechange

If Only All 'Narcisstic Traitors' Were This Reasonable & Insightful - #snowden writes well: future career as journo?

Netflix Says It'll Be Fine Without Net Neutrality Rules; But What About The Next Netflix? - it's all about innovation

MEPs oppose Commission proposal on country of origin for meat - we need full labelling

last tweet also shows why precautionary principle is indispensable: companies can't be trusted when comes to profits vs health

Radio Search Engine turns the world’s radio stations into a music jukebox - nice

A Rare Invitation To Help Shape European #Copyright Law - let's take it... #EU

#CCTV cameras on Britain's roads capture 26 million images every day - absurd level of suspicionless #surveillance

Corporation Carte Blanche: Will US-EU Trade Become Too Free? - well-written, sceptical article in @DerSPIEGEL #TTIP

'Nuisance and annoyance' injunctions abandoned after Lords defeat - that's a relief... #UK

Stevens V Sony: A Set-Back for #Copyright Owners - after EU judgment against blanket #DRM, now this (v @noreasonspec)

Lord Stern: I should have been fiercer in #climatechange review - green technologies next "great leap forward"

NHS and EU/US Free Trade - Public Meeting 3rd Feb - #nhs could be biggest victim of #TAFTA/#TTIP's #ISDS #london

Anglers are our allies against unsustainable industrial fishing - interesting analysis

#EU Consultation on #Copyright: Please Respond - let's tell them want we want - don't miss this chance (open to all)

What do you say now, Mr Cameron? - you can't run forever #gchq #surveillance

Open Letter from US Researchers in Cryptography & Info Security - "urge US gov to reject society-wide #surveillance"

New Research Shows That Copycats Lead To More Innovation - obvs really

Journalism! MSNBC Cuts Off Congresswoman Talking About NSA To Get 2 'Breaking News' About Justin Bieber - </facepalm>

S2B refutes European Commission’s defense of controversial investor-to-state dispute settlement - #ISDS #TAFTA/#TTIP

The Global Fight Against Corporate Rule - gathering strength by the day #ISDS

the growing pushback against #ISDS is an opportunity to go further & challenge the primacy of corporates' profits... #TPP #TAFTA/#TTIP

“10 Days to Stop #FastTrack” Brings Together Diverse Network of Labor, Internet, and Environmental Activists - great

Trade in environmental goods may not actually be so good - interesting analysis

South Korean Court Rules That Phone Bloatware Must Be Deletable - long overdue

Saulius Gražulis gets #blueobelisk award: if you want Open Crystallography go to COD - bravo #openchemistry #opendata

Latest Major Chemical Spill Exposes Flaws of Libertarian Approach to Govt. - protect the EU's #precautionaryprinciple

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