Tuesday, 7 January 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140105 - http://bit.ly/JXbGzi yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Journalist Or Activist? Smearing Glenn Greenwald - http://bit.ly/197oq2f good piece about nasty tactic (v @Asher_Wolf  ‏@barryeisler)

It's a scandal drug trial results are still being withheld - http://bit.ly/1cSHosS it is; open clinical data now

Unhealthy big business spreading great harm - http://bit.ly/1gbgKLA many people will die as a direct result of #TPP

Why the World Needs OpenStreetMap - http://bit.ly/1eBCa3h as some of us have been pointing out for a while... #osm

French researcher finds gaping holes in security of DSL modems - http://bit.ly/1f7Ueqw this is a huge issue #nsa #gchq

Mapping the Open Spending Data Community - http://bit.ly/1f7VKJa "how citizens, journalists, and civil society organisations using data"

Leading VC: #NSA's Activities Are 'Corroding Silicon Valley' - http://bit.ly/1eCaKdJ is that really what Obama wants?

#NAFTA Shows the Damage Fast Track Could Bring - http://huff.to/19Xno76 #NAFTA was a disaster; #TAFTA/#TTIP could be too

TTIP Update XI - http://bit.ly/1lKE83F so is #TAFTA/#TTIP #ACTA by the back door after all?

EU favours licensing over copyright reform for libraries in latest international negotiations - http://bit.ly/1iazY5n will it never learn?

Business Groups Back Obama on Trade Amid Historic Debate - http://buswk.co/1dqhmJS public's views totally ignored, as usual #TPP

Obama set to approve “public advocate” position, + NSA reforms - http://bit.ly/1f8Cb3f does he really think we'll fall for window-dressing?

 EU-Polizeiagentur bastelt an grenzüberschreitendem Echtzeit-Tracking von Peilsendern - http://bit.ly/1lKJqfw war on hackers continues

Documentary “#Blackfish” Is Causing More Major Problems For #SeaWorld - http://bzfd.it/1daRg2O don't miss the clumsy vote-stuffing...

Study: File Sharing Leads To More, Not Fewer, Musical Hits Being Written - http://bit.ly/1eD142o but more research needed #copyright

At last, a law to stop almost anyone from doing almost anything - http://bit.ly/1egzasI this is just insane/evil - actually, just evil #uk

Meet Alphalem, an #OpenSource Brain Just for Robots - http://wrd.cm/1iLv8OF #linux-based, of course

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