Thursday, 19 September 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130917 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Abandoned NHS IT system has cost £10bn so far - well, some of us did warn this would happen back then... #uk

'Follow the Money': #NSA Monitors Financial World - some more details #visa #swift

#Brazil's Rousseff calls off state visit to US over spying - "unlikely to happen anytime soon." (v @PatternGuru714)

#Lavabit Email Founder Goes to Great Lengths to Avoid Email, Post-#Snowden - whoa; "becoming a political activist"

Controversy over firing of leading Irish investigative journalist - this looks pretty stinky #ie

432 Million Internet Pirates Transfer 9,567 Petabytes of Data a Month - interesting stat if true..

Lawmakers accused of rushing EU data protection law - mainly be companies that would be affected...

Hong Kong bans shark fin soup at official banquets - good see; others needs to follow in mainland China

Linux Foundation on the Foundations of #Linux - better & better in every way #mobile #embedded

Gilmore response to NSA mathematician's "make rules for #NSA" appeal - powerful reply (v @ioerror)#surveillance

EU-China investment talks: no EP consent without #transparency, Trade MEPs warn - NB #TAFTA/#TTIP

Former #NSA Boss Hayden Says #Snowden Likely To Become An Alcoholic Because He's 'Troubled' And 'Morally Arrogant' -

Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper recreated by star cast at National Portrait Gallery - nice (v @LifeinSicily)

#EU Negotiators Should Wake Up & Engage Public in #TTIP - "true joint effort of citizens, businesses, politicians"

Pig-Manure Fertilizer Linked to Human #MRSA Infections - #antibiotic use in farming to blame? (v @BoraZ)

#RIAA Whines To Congress That It Doesn't Like Google's Search Results - these people are just pathetic

Entrepreneur Fights Back Against Patent Troll; Patent Troll Accuses Entrepreneur Of Hate Crimes - kudos to former...

High #gun ownership makes countries less safe, US study finds - won't make any difference, of course

As #Africa gets online, #Europe emerges as the new global internet traffic hub - not the UK, one imagines... #GCHQ

Google Launches New Company, Calico, to Extend Human Life Span - helping the rich oppress the poor a few years more

NBC Universal Funded Study Shows, Yet Again, How Infringement Is Hollywood's Own Damn Fault - jumps out from numbers

Reddit, Civil Liberties Groups Renew Push for Email Privacy - well done them... #nsa

#Linus Torvalds worries about how #Linux will handle end of Moore’s Law - I'm worried that he's worried

Police consider disciplining officer accused of grooming teenage girl - "has been groomed by Matt Rees": consider?

Officials: Edward #Snowden's Leaks Were Masked By Job Duties - oh, "masked" is it now...?

Sea bass joins list of threatened fish - #DEFRA sticking its head in the sand, as usual...

Now Is The Time To Reform Outdated Electronic #Privacy Laws - important initiative #US

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