Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130915 - http://bit.ly/148q4fm yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#TPP and capital flows - http://bit.ly/16808Ns leaked draft shows a really bad idea - emerging countries would be mad to sign up

#TPP: Abbott may cave on foreign investor rights to sue govts - http://bit.ly/16bMXfk for what possible benefit? #ISDS

Porn filters, politics and liberalism…. - http://bit.ly/17CENQa lots of good points #censorship #uk

How cigarette companies use free trade deals to sell more cigarettes to women & kids - http://bit.ly/1680Zhk #TAFTA/#TTIP will bring to #EU

Anti-internet-censorship speech to LibDem Conference - http://bit.ly/17ZNlkS more good thoughts; shouldn't need saying, though... #uk

Reveal #TPP negotiations, Cunliffe says - http://yhoo.it/17CFQj0 all tabled documents should be released publicly

Ex-MI6 Deputy Chief: 'Serious Actors' Already Knew About #NSA's Techniques Before #Snowden - http://bit.ly/1aNerjc important issue

Pressure Mounts on #Lithuania Over CIA Prison - http://huff.to/194W4iS come on, lithuania... (v @aral)#torture

China’s #Baidu under pressure as third- & fourth-placed search rivals team up in $448m merger - http://tnw.co/149kysQ more competition good

Jolla’s #Sailfish OS gains #Android compatibility, making it an easier sell for manufacturers - http://bit.ly/1aNgDal that's wise

How I failed - http://oreil.ly/194XDgK lots of interesting facts and musings from @timoreilly

Software Transparency - http://bit.ly/15xd1Ff "natural to expect backdoor fears will boost popularity of #opensource"; but not a panacea

The Banality of Systemic Evil - http://nyti.ms/1gnxzS2 excellent, wide-ranging analysis (v @ggreenwald)#whistleblowers #snowden

Reforming the #NSA - http://bit.ly/1aNqblR clear-headed article by @Bruce_Schneier on what needs to be done

AFL-CIO to fight "trade" deals like #TPP - http://bit.ly/18r6Jt5 they'd better hurry up, then...

Factory Food From Above: Satellite Images of Industrial Farms - http://bit.ly/1gnBCOe ag-gag laws may well ban these soon

Student Arrested And Charged With 'Terrorizing' For Shooting Classmates... With An iPhone App - http://bit.ly/149NbGj </facepalm>

I think #amazon may be overdoing this customer service thing: an email when you buy, an email before they deliver, and another afterwards...

Zemblanity - http://bit.ly/16xAV3n spread the word (v @lilianedwards @IanBrownOII)#language

Benefit fraudsters face sentences of up to 10 years in jail - http://bit.ly/180Bqn3 presumably same for fraudulent MP expenses, no? #uk

Tidal energy scheme off northern Scotland gets go-ahead - http://bit.ly/1aOlW9w exciting project #renewables #climatechange

Conan Doyle Estate Is Horrified That The Public Domain Might Create 'Multiple Personalities' Of Sherlock Holmes - http://bit.ly/1eGUlsy

Eli Lilly Formally Requests Arbitration Against Canada Under NAFTA in Dispute Over Drug Patents - http://bit.ly/1bntwHr #ISDS at work

Unreasonable critique of Kant leads to man being shot in Russian shop - http://bit.ly/1bnu4x3 worth it just for the headline...

Secure Cellphone Maker GSMK Talks Cryptography In A Post-#Snowden World - http://tcrn.ch/16dYjiW interesting: #android-based

US Gov't Funded Julian Assange's Crypto Research... Then Pulled The Plug - http://bit.ly/16yL7bJ well, well, well

 Drug-resistant bacteria pose potential catastrophe - http://wapo.st/16yQK9U vast majority of US #antibiotics used in animal agriculture

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