Monday, 9 September 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130907 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Internet experts want security revamp after #NSA revelations - forget Web 2.0, we must build Internet 2.0 (v @aral)

Datenbank PX: CIA & deutsche Dienste betrieben jahrelang Geheimprojekt - another surveillance programme revealed #de

Evacuating #Australia - you know, just in case the thought had vaguely crossed your mind... #au

Perhaps I'm out of step and Britons just don't think privacy is important - porter raises important questions #nsa

#Privacy Scandal: #NSA Can Spy on Smart Phone Data - (v @trevortimm @CasparBowden)

European Parliament starts investigation into surveillance - includes transcript of @ioerror's important contribution

L’ora X per la storia dell’internet italiana. Controriformatori in rete. - how #netneutrality is being betrayed by EU

Var är alla dömda terrorister som FRA hittat? - good question: it's just a con - one we should be wise to by now

Ashes to ashes, peer to peer: An oral history of #Napster - fascinating approach, & reminder of its importance

 AKW-Ruine Fukushima: Wasserdrama dauert "noch ein Jahrzehnt" - welcome to the Tokyo Olympics...

Brasil tenta burlar espionagem dos EUA com novos cabos e satélite - wise: everyone should do the same #br #nsa

Big #Pharma’s Sinking Business Model - time to move to prizes.. (v @pharmagossip)

How We Were Trained to Lower the Drawbridge - & how we might start pulling it up again #privacy #snowden #nsa

How a 1930s theory explains the economics of the internet - and open, collaborative projects #linux #penguin

Tahoe and Tor: Building Privacy on Strong Foundations - "our advice is: don't start from scratch" #nsa #surveillance

Petrobras foi espionada pelo governo americano, - here it comes: #NSA's industrial espionage against Brazilian oil co

#NSA spied on #Brazil's Petrobras oil firm -  1st of many industrial #espionage stories, I predict (v @jamie_love)

"cloud" & "like" & "friend" & "google" & "twitter". nursery language makes [the Net] seem a safe Teletubby land" -

Buddhist Economics & #GMO rethink - sadly, no discussion of 2 key issues here: patents & control (v @Sheril_ @BoraZ)

US farmers seek to invalidate #Monsanto's patents on #GM crops - all of them, it seems... (v @danravicher @DrRimmer)

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