Sunday, 8 September 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130906 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

The #NSA never takes “no” for an answer - & why we must keep fighting for freedom #snowden

“Hardly worth the effort”? clinical trial registration & publication bias - appalling (v @AKECassels @pharmagossip)

UK's lowest-paid employees to be classed as 'not working enough' - mean-spirited & callous in the extreme #tories

Tony Abbott will be Australian prime minister after decisive election victory - bad news for the environment #au

Kickstarting an open source hardware "machine shop in a box" - #3Dprinter/etcher/mill - sounds fab

"our children need to be online, our duty is to give them digital freedom to explore and learn" - hugely important

Google accelerates encryption project - what's the point? we can never trust #google again (or #yahoo, #microsoft...)

RT @Morosoph Basic income policies do not deter work. >>fascinating; #tories take note

Fire Sale: #TSA Now Offering You Your Civil Liberties For A Fee! - this really says it all...

How The NSA's Overreach Will Make The #NSA's Job Much More Difficult - they didn't think this through...

#NSA Hearing - European Parliament (full) - worth watching; the start of EP/#EU taking back our privacy? #EPinquiry

После реконструкции Эрмитаж станет самым большим в мире музеем - ooh, I must go back, then...

#NSA Revelations Cast Doubt on the Entire Tech Industry - will do until we have the details, not just rumours

If You Argue that the #NSA Data Has Not Been Misused, You Must Know Something NSA Doesn’t - key point; good analysis

New Jersey Congressman Seeks To Bar #NSA Backdoors In Encryption - won't happen, & would be ignored anyway

Alcatel's Crazy Idea: A Remote for the Smartphone - if you need this, your phone is too big

Using Rasberry Pi and iOS App To Catch Rhino #Poachers - good to see

MT @ggreenwald #NSA documents on the targeting of the Brazilian & Mexican presidents >> in English; worth reading

.@ggreenwald:"I'm currently working on what I believe are several significant new #NSA stories" - I can't wait

The End of Internet Privacy?@ggreenwald on Secret #NSA Program to Crack Online Encryption - good video interview

in @ggreenwald interview tweeted before (highly recommended), he says #NSA story coming out on Sunday is biggest yet regarding #Brazil

ProPublica’s Jeff Larson on the #NSA Crypto Story - fascinating insights into key problem in writing it: too many dox

90 percent of #Tor keys can be broken by #NSA: what does it mean? - "Debian & its derivative Ubuntu are also 2 blame"

#NSA-Protest in Berlin: Freiheit unterm Alu-Hut - #germany leads the way again...

Kim Dotcom Teases New Music Service… BABOOM - what a busy bee...

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