Monday, 2 September 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130831 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

An A-Z of the piano: Alfred Brendel's notes from concert hall - not just a fabulous pianist, but an engaging writer

#Whistleblower Award - Jacob Appelbaum answers for Edward #Snowden - & reads Snowden's fine speech (v @CasparBowden)

India–US bilateral investment treaty going nowhere - quite rightly refusing to accept antidemocratic #ISDS clause

Why #Google has become a threat to sovereign law - serious stuff if confirmed (v @clarinette)#nsa #privacy

#Badger protest song by Brian May reaches charts - but will it have any effect?

The web giants pumping us for data - & why private companies providing public services should open up their data

 US-Geheimdienst: NSA bespitzelte Frankreichs Diplomaten - so what does the "oldest ally" think about that? #france

#Miranda: Where is the UK Government getting its numbers from? - fab analysis of UK gov's flailing (v @JackofKent)

'Mexico's war on drugs is one big lie' - Anabel Hern√°ndez is an incredibly brave woman

George Osborne definitively rules out UK joining #Syria strikes - amazing how quickly things change...

Thoughts on privacy - "I do believe we have passed Peak #Surveillance." good, upbeat piece on #privacy (v @aral)

Decay in non-fluoride areas rivals Third World - is anyone seriously against this? (v @Asher_Wolf)#POE

"NSA planned to investigate at least 4,000 of its employees" - #NSA is an organisation in meltdown (v @jeffjarvis)

#NSA spied on France's foreign ministry, diplomats - quelle surprise (v @internetlibre @JulieOwono)#france

#Privacy is not dead - "It may very well be the next big thing." let's hope so (v @CasparBowden @aral)

Banned: video from our Shell Belgian Grand Prix protest - has #shell never heard of #streisandeffect?

#India bans #shark finning - well done: #indonesia please take note and follow suit: we need sharks #conservation

#Obama 'has the right' to strike Syria regardless of Congress vote, says Kerry - flip-flopping much? #pathetic

German Interior Minister: 'US Takes Privacy Concerns Seriously' - he's either v naive or worse (v @CasparBowden)#nsa

Storyful and the open newsroom: Journalism gets better when more people do it - just like other open endeavours

Movie #Piracy Hurts Health Research and Patient Care, #UCSF Claims - how clueless can you get?

Stop the new Cold War - "citizens turned into collaborators by someone knowing too much about them" (v @newsbrooke)

"Non - science based SPS measures cannot continue to restrict trade." [pdf] - will be used 4 #TAFTA/#TTIP (v @PCGTW)

'Spirited Away' Director Hayao #Miyazaki Is Retiring - oh no, let's hope not...

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