Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130902 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

The lobbying bill will save corporate PRs but silence the protesters - big vote today: pl. contact your MP if poss

Neelie Kroes Pushing Telcos' Agenda to End #NetNeutrality - "disastrous effects for freedom and innovation online"

Tell David Cameron to stop supporting #fracking and champion clean energy instead - #epetition

 Controversial American health firm that donates to Tories handed huge #NHS contract - truly disgusting

Our plan for the #Mozilla Science Lab (version 1.0) - exciting stuff #openscience #opensource

Leaked FinFisher presentation details toolkit's spying capabilities - fascinating

Brazil, Mexico ask U.S. to explain if #NSA spied on presidents - but will Rousseff cancel her US trip?

Russia Issues Travel Warning To Its Citizens About United States and Extradition - amazing sign of the times

Is New Zealand About to Get Screwed on #TPP and Medicines? - no prizes for guessing... #patents

“The largest construction site for future of Germany” - why #netneutrality does not need sacrificing (v @vickeegan)

MPs could fall foul of #lobbying bill, warns senior Labour figure - "far more thought has gone into pet nutrition".

Threat on #Generic Medicines, the European Union Ignores It - people will die because of this obtuseness #EU

Former #NSA Boss: Mass Surveillance Is Very Important, But Perhaps NSA Should Stop Lying About It - too much to ask?

#NSA-Skandal: Friedrich im Land der Phantasie - he's a joke

Our Newfound Fear of Risk - great analysis: "We need to relearn how to accept risk, and even embrace it"

#Microsoft + #Nokia = Dog - great news for #opensource: Microsoft didn't get Nokia's utility patents

Lobbying Bill is a flawed piece of legislation that swims against the technological tide - good analysis (v @bbw1984)

MPs debate lobbying bill: Politics live blog - this is v lively - and important #gagginglaw #uk

"would allow entities engaged in hydraulic fracturing to withhold purported chemical information trade secrets" -

Nationwide Protests Rage against #Colombia’s Economic Policies - & against FTAs #TPP #TAFTA/#TTIP

Collabora Productivity - focused on developing and selling value added solutions and services on top of #LibreOffice

78% Of #London’s Main Roads Failing On Nitrogen Dioxide - disgraceful

New York Times Deletes This Paragraph In Which White House Says AIPAC Is Key To War - (v @evanchill @asteris)#syria

#TPP branded 'rule for the corporation by the corporation' - clear exposition (v @PCGTW)

Emmy Winning Former CNN Journalist Blows Whistle: #CNN paid by govs for specific content - awful, if true (v @AdV007)

fine speech by edward #snowden on receipt of #whistleblower prize - confirms his altruism & bravery (v @ggreenwald)

PLoS's Cameron Neylon on the state of #OpenAccess: Where are we, what still needs to be done? - lots of good stuff

#Snowden, #Manning & #Assange: our new heroes - thoughtful, if slightly academic piece on need for #whistleblowers

Israel orders school textbook publishers to remove sex education material - "capitulation 2 ultra-Orthodox extremism"

US’s controversial #TPP proposal is smoking gun for corporate agenda - "aggressive interference from Big Tobacco"

Eli Lilly’s NAFTA lawsuit should prompt rethink of investor ’rights’ deals - wake-up call for dangers of #ISDS

Thai-EU talks could hinder access to affordable medicine - profits more important than people?

Our last chance to save traditional marriage - wow, utterly, spectacularly risible...

#OpenStreetMap Founder Steve Coast Leaves Microsoft For Telenav - I wondered when this might happen...

#Russia threatens #Moldova over its EU relations - the russian bear does a bit of growling...

Sky Sapience Delivers Pre-Production Hovermast to the IDF - that's clever...

The patent #troll crisis is really a #softwarepatent crisis - great post joining the necessary dots

MT @smarimc US military-industrial complex may have inadvertently destroyed US internet-industrial complex >>nice

UK Record Companies Want To Bring In '3 Strikes' Using 'Voluntary Code' For Punishing Alleged Illegal File Sharers -

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