Friday, 30 September 2011


Hotels - "If you're quick with a knife, you'll find that the invisible hand is made of delicious invisible meat" #xkcd

#Amazon Looking to Buy #Palm - sounds bonkers to me, but what do I know?

Dear Internet, We Need Better Image Archives - yup #opencontent #pd

Laws of #logic apparently off limits in the law - sounds logical to me... #patents #genepatents

Major #Usenet Provider Ordered to Remove All Infringing Content - ridiculous: tantamount to shutting it down

Access to scientific publications should be a fundamental right - this is what it is all about... #openaccess

The Free Software Directory - 6000 instantiations of freedom for your digital delectation #fsf

Making #Mozilla big in learning - splendid idea; not so sure about the gamification stuff, though... #education

Burma stoppt milliardenschweres Staudamm-Projekt - wow, strange outbreak of good Burma #environment

French National Assembly discusses amendments on decoupling hardware and software sales - we need this everywhere

Teachers Fired Over Mandarin Ability - #china practising cultural genocide in #xinjiang as in #tibet #uyghurs

#Copyright vs #Competition law - a new dawn in European broadcasting?? - potentially very big

Of Glasshouses, Stones and #Copyright Infringement - strange how maximalists always infringe themselves... #germany

It’s Not Environment vs. Jobs, It’s Sustainable Jobs vs. Unsustainable Ones - is this really so hard to understand?

ZaReason Working to Release First True Open Source Tablet - we definitely need this

#Microsoft, Red Cross and UN sucked into global news fixing row - sounds pretty stinky #publishing

The blind petition for braille access - "will ask Commission to stop opposing treaty & put an end to discrimination"

Indian Government To Launch $35 Tablet On Oct 5 - that would be impressive #india

Russian Search Engine #Yandex Leads $30 Million Investment In Blekko - v interesting linkup #russia #search

Roberto Galoppini: I have joined SourceForge as its Senior Director of Business Development - good to see a European

The due-process-free assassination of U.S. citizens is now reality - surely a key moment in the decline of the US

1 week to go! (until Ada Lovelace Day) "celebrating achievements of women in science, technology, engineering & maths"

Guy Arrested, Threatened With 15 Years For Recording Traffic Stop In Illinois - & the police fear the truth because...?

29-year-old woman born deaf hears herself for the first time - moving stuff #happiness

#London shop becomes world’s first official in-store #Google #Chromebook seller - well...

#IBM overtakes #Microsoft, becomes the second most valuable technology firm - another symbolic moment...

#ACTA is inconsistent with US laws on injunctions and damages - useful summary

StatusNet 1.0.0: It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine) - kudos #microblogging #identica

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