Sunday, 4 September 2011


UK #weather defies prediction, say forecasters - why we are always talking about the weather

Anti-Piracy Outfit Recruits Microsoft Director To Work On Mission Impossible - indeed

Hard Drive Archaeology – And Hackerspaces - "forensic-quality magnetic scan" of 1970s 80 Megabyte CDC 9877 disc

#China state paper urges Internet rethink to gag foes - just can't get enough gag these days

The European Startup Summer Of Love – #London, #Berlin And Beyond - "the European “NYC-SF red-eye”: insightful

Please, sir, can I have some more campaigning? - raises interesting points (v @owenblacker)#digitalrights #uk

has site preserved evidence of soft tissue from ancient hominin species? - new #openscience project (v @carlzimmer)

#Monsanto's BT corn reported failing in several states - basic evolutionary biology tells you this was inevitable

timeline for design activism — what would you add? - fascinating list (v @openp2pdesign) #opendesign

TV In The Cloud - this is inevitable; but how long will it take to convince the dinosaurs? #iptv #cloudcomputing

Will Genetic Engineering Divert Us from Essential Food Production Science? - asks Union of Concerned Scientists

Lawyers Never Learn - this is wonderful #law #history

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