Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Senado Mexicano ratifica de forma unánime y oficial su rechazo al #ACTA - great move by Mexican Senate - but now what?

Hollow States and a Crisis of Capitalism - heady stuff

Dossier on EU sound recording #copyright extension - why it just does not make economic sense

#Australia: Should innovation #patents be unavailable 4 computer software? - important: have your say (v @schestowitz)

Teratocracy Rises - great piece on a clear & frightening trend #democracy #freedom

Frankreich: Sozialdemokraten wollen Filesharing entkriminalisieren - another reason to hope #sarkozy loses #hadopi

Spartaci, Spartacum, Spartacuses? - charged with "the possession of ‘leaflets and signs‘" what??? (v @monkchips)

Judge Decimates #BitTorrent Lawsuit With Common Sense Ruling - wow, lots of important points #copyright

Freeing Train Data - fascinating stuff - not just for anoraks #opendata #trains

LibDem UK government junior partner: no net neutrality regulation yet - hopeful, if a little confusing #netneutrality

Dolphins call each other by name - exciting, if confirmed #ethology #linguistics

"more China embraces role as economic heavyweight in integrated world, better for the rest of world" - (v @chinesepod)

Was #Marx Right? - "there might have been something to Marx's critiques of #capitalism after all" #economics

Sequenza 21: Reviewed CDs 2006-2011 - #spotify list for contemporary classical music fans...

A new life for Taser, this time with less controversy - head-mounted cameras to record those #taser #deaths in detail

8 Alternative #Android App Stores From #China - amazing

Cookie monitoring?! No way…just a “coincidence” - interesting, worrying... (v @airvpn)#privacy

Koch Brothers' Million-Dollar Donor Club - e.g. Templeton of "Templeton Prize" (v @jackshafer @GregMitch @benpolitico)

Suit Over ConAgra's "All-Natural" Claims Could Open Food Litigation Floodgates - could be big #gm

Pirate Bay Movie Leaks Traced Back To Swedish Film Institute - so what's the problem?

#Samsung to acquire #MeeGo, report claims - well, that would be interesting #android

Watch 5 years of #Kiva micro-loans spread social impact across globe [Video] - great visualisation; inane soundtrack

Why aren’t we allowed to know which domains the UK government has registered? - #JANET being stupid

Puerto 80 Responds Forcefully To DOJ's Claims Concerning Domain Seizures - kudos #copyright

Democratising #OpenCourseWare - imagine if everyone could upload lectures? (v @BiellaColeman)#ocw #education

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