Friday, 16 September 2011


Anti-Piracy Group Will Sue Pay Processors If They Don’t Name Site Admins - will just lead to clever workarounds

Study Proves Gulf War Syndrome is Nerve Gas-Induced Brain Damage - gosh, what a surprise

Mike Shaver moving on from #mozilla - being interesting to see where he goes next

Schlechte Aussichten: Netzneutralität im Europäischen Parlament - things looking bad #netneutrality #eu

This Guy Stuffed Almost a Kilo of Cocaine Down His Throat - how sad can you get?

Federal Courts Making It More Expensive To Access Records, Even As They're Swimming In Cash - + #opensource #FUD

New computer programming in schools project reflects Royal Society concerns - but will open source figure much?

Lib Dems get a chance to vote on #copyright reform - #libdem intellectual & moral decline continues (v @copyrightgirl)

Insurer: music-festival tragedy caused by illegal downloading - clutching at straws a little, perhaps?

Open Data in Portugal - muito bom #opendata #portugal

RIAA Label Used In Massive Cocaine Trafficking Ring - that's nothing compared to file sharing, of course (v @airvpn)

#Taser inquiry into police incident involving teenager - next: tase-ing deadly toddlers...

Alles über #Wikipedia - looks interesting, cc-by-sa; er, can't seem to find the digital download, chaps...

Studies On Cultural Sector In The File Sharing Era - studies "File sharing is not a problem that needs to be solved"

How NOT to Push a New Open Source License, Part 1 - interseting points about Software Covenant idea (v @Copycense)

Phone hacking: Met use Official Secrets Act to force Guardian to reveal sources - outrageous use of outrageous law

#Microsoft’s web server is losing ground: IIS market share back to 1997 levels - #apache, #nginx thrive #opensource

Publishers lobbying legislature to make copying textbooks indictable offense - really good use of police (v @Copycense)

#Microsoft Source: We're Talking About Buying #Yahoo - probably talking about *not* buying it, too...

China’s Baidu Makes Its Global Move - and so it begins... #china #baidu #empire

Open Source Drug Discovery for Malaria - a bit old, but important; don't miss the "6 laws" at the end (v @petersuber)

Ada Lovelace Day is coming, women and tech events in London - "Ada Lovelace Day #Android Extravaganza" – cool

Researchers failing to make raw data public - long way to go #openscience #opendata

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