Sunday, 18 September 2011


Beyond Belief - fascinating story of schism, murder & politics in Tibetan Buddhism (v @GraniteStudio @TomLasseter)

#Iran: Female #Blogger Receives 50 Lashes - sheer barbarism (v @TeaWithCarl)

pic of the week: Merthen - hard to believe this scene is on the Thames #london #pix

Vladimir Putin and Chinese Panchen Lama nominated for Confucius Peace Prize - Bill Gates too...

#TechCrunch has become a clown show, and I totally love it - wonderfully hilarious #journalism

Palestinian anger at US fuels diplomatic crisis over statehood - "Mr Blair sounds very much like an Israeli diplomat"

RT @DaHammerstein Public health systems in Greece and Spain can´t pay high drug bills. Roche in WSJ: stop shipments. >>nice

Microsoft & Indian Music Industry paid for IP seminars to train judges - no influence there, I'm sure (v @Beautyon_)

Around the World on the Space Station: Video - extraordinary & beautiful (v @jackschofield)

MT @newsbrooke Umaru Fofana castigates Blair for his disparagement of FOI. 'what is he doing advising any african country on democracy?'

#Israel To Join CERN As First Non-European Member - the more, the merrier; can't wait for #Palestine to join too...

Time To Move My Life Again - it's an epidemic: first @shaver now @wilbanks#cc #openscience #privacy

Artificial blood vessels created on a 3D printer - the future inches closer #3dprinters #medicine

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