Wednesday, 14 October 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 151012 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

Jane Kelsey: Govt spin won't stop #TPP facts emerging - "direct assault on democracy and sovereignty"

Rodney Hide: #TPP deal done, sun still shines - amazing post: not only wrong on most of its claims, ad hominem too

Crown accused of sidelining Māori in #TPP - they're just the public, after all...

'A pattern of disdain for the public's right to know' - court decision likely to change #NZ Govt's attitude to OIA -

FSFE convinces 1125 public administrations to remove proprietary software advertisements - nice work

#TTIP: A box of tricks for corporate climate criminals - despite claims to the contrary

How the White House slices 18,000 tax cuts from trade deal - "by totaling the number of tariffs from 5 nations" #TPP

Why EC’s proposal for an “Investment Court System” still fails to address key problems of #ISDS -

online survey in the context of a Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment of a possible #TiSA - hurry - closes soon

EU’s highest court asked to rule on whether #streamed pirated films are legal - big implications #copyright

How to make #TiSA a good deal for consumers - good, but ratchet clause & standstill clause unacceptable /cc @beuc

Rising numbers of Americans believe #climatescience, poll shows - hooray (v @arhobley @CarbonBubble)

TELL NESTLE: Unbottle California - "Water is a public resource. Stop draining it from public lands 4 private profit"

Access to Information: Request For a Copy of #TPP - what is Harper afraid the public will learn? #ca

US, Australia & Canada Decide Screw Over Poor Nations Because Big Pharma's Not Happy With #TPP - appalling bullying

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