Friday, 2 October 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150930 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

Samsung TVs appear more energy efficient in tests than in real life - why we can't trust the #InternetOfThings

Cancer patients call for UK government to override #patent on £90,000-a-year drug - profits before patients #roche

A moment that changed me – my husband fell in love with a bonobo - nice piece

Have your say on the future of our #BBC - UK consultation made easy online by @38_degrees; takes 5 minutes

Why reassurances that #TTIP will not affect the right to regulate miss the point - exactly right; crucial point

Germany opts out of growing GMO crops - that will be popular in some parts... #TTIP

Donald Trump is just getting started, Republicans - and #TPP could die as a result...

Pacific Trade Deal Talks Resume, Under Fire From U.S. Presidential Hopefuls - more problems for #TPP

Corporate Power Unbound: #ISDS for IP Monopolies on Medicines - Eli Lilly v. Canada & #TPP -

Bernie Sanders edges close to Clinton with record $26m in​​ small donations - probably @jeremycorbyn's fault somehow

#TiSA Stakeholder Survey - deadline now 15 October

#TPP talks in Atlanta undercut Obama promises on global development goals - not looking good

State Department 'Planted' Anti-Wikileaks Questions For 60 Minutes Interview With Julian Assange - tut-tut

The Principles of Community-Oriented #GPL #Enforcement - fascinating

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