Saturday, 10 October 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 151008 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

#AU Data regime will see us funding our own surveillance - paying for our own punishment: Brazil is with us

"responsible farmers, retailers, manufacturers who work in tobacco" - what, those who give cancer to people? #TPP

House of Commons Meeting - #TTIP - Giving Up Our Democracy - October 14

Turnbull hails #TPP as central to Australia's prosperity - but can only speak in vague platitudes about "benefits"

#TPP bad for the environment, green groups say - #ISDS powerful weapon to stop legislation fighting pollution #AU

#TPP: Greens call for greater scrutiny of Trans-Pacific Partnership deal - need detailed projections #AU

Winners, losers, sceptics in #TPP - easy: 1% are the winners, everyone else loses - not least democracy #AU

"#TPP not a free trade agreement, but an agreement to co-ordinate the management of existing trade relationships" -

"#TPP was of 'enormous benefit' to Australia": platitudes, platitudes - & he won't be around when truth emerges

Greens call on Government to refer #TPP to Productivity Commission - if it's such a good deal, why not prove it? #AU

 #TPP digital impact yet to surface - #NZ selling out the future for the sake of a few cows...

Medicines #Australia disappointed by #TPP outcomes - people will die for a nugatory increase in profits

Once More: #TPP Agreement Is Not A Free Trade Agreement, It's A Protectionist Anti-Free Trade Agreement - important

Four more carmakers join diesel emissions row - we need some juicy fines to concentrate minds here (v @EliotHiggins)

Australian prime minister runs private e-mail server, uses Confide and Wickr - maybe we should praise tech-savvy PM

here's the chapter of the #China-#Australia Free Trade Agreement with the #ISDS section - #ChAFTA

Responses to Software Patents in #India Though Guidelines for Examination of Computer Related Inventions - #swpats

Oettinger glaubt nicht an Datenschutzabkommen mit USA - "EU zu wenig gegen den Datenmissbrauch unternommen habe"

Megaupload Defendants Don’t Need Expert Witnesses, U.S. Argues - yes, and justice - who needs that, after all?

#TPP Treaty: Intellectual Property Rights Chapter, Consolidated Text (Oct. 5th 2015) - that's hot... (v @claudio)

Biggest anti-#TTIP rally to hit Berlin - "600 special buses & five trains will shuttle protestors from every corner"

SeaWorld can't breed orcas in newly approved $100 million tank expansion - @seaworld needs closing down completely

#BBC apologises for R4 show that mocked climate science - not a "lapse", part of pattern of irresponsible journalism

Freedom of information commission not very free with its information - start of the attack on UK's FOI

telling the biggest brands that they won't buy unsustainable or unjust tuna - outrageous this is still happening

Leak of Complete, Final #TPP Intellectual Property Text Confirms Would Raise Costs, Put Medicines Out of Reach -

Independent Commission on FOI is calling for evidence on aspects of FOIA 2000 - gutting FOI: pl. write to stop them

International Days of Action against #TPP, #TTIP, #TISA, #CETA -

Wikileaks release of #TPP deal text confirms 'freedom of expression' fears - good to see coverage in @guardiannews

Propiedad intelectual en el Tratado Transpacífico: más costos que beneficios - claro #TPP

#Japan's Amari says not willing to renegotiate #TPP trade pact - come on, such fun before - why not do it again?

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