Tuesday, 13 October 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 151011 - http://moodysmdd.blogspot.com/2015/10/151011.html  yesterday's tweets as a single page

How the controversy over drug prices could take down Obama’s massive trade deal - https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonkblog/wp/2015/10/09/how-the-controversy-over-drug-prices-could-take-down-obamas-massive-trade-deal/ it ain't over yet #TPP

Sky TV, internet users seek answers on criminal penalties for TV trickery - http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/industries/72854916/sky-tv-internet-users-seek-answers-on-criminal-penalties-for-tv-trickery use a VPN in #NZ, go to prison? #TPP

Free trade deals set to ravage Europe’s public services - http://waronwant.org/media/free-trade-deals-set-ravage-europe%E2%80%99s-public-services here are the facts on #TTIP & #CETA, & what they will do

UK-based Romanian author's 1st novel a sensation - http://www.theguardian.com/books/2015/oct/12/uk-romanian-author-eugene-chirovici-book-of-mirrors-english damn foreigners, coming over here, writing brilliantly in English

.@libertyhq looking for Policy Officer (Technology and Surveillance) to help define their policy for #surveillance - https://www.liberty-human-rights.org.uk/sites/default/files/Policy%20Officer%20%28Technology%20and%20Surveillance%29%20Sept%202015.pdf

I didn’t think #TTIP could get any scarier, but then I spoke to the EU official in charge of it - http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/i-didn-t-think-ttip-could-get-any-scarier-but-then-i-spoke-to-the-eu-official-in-charge-of-it-a6690591.html

France wants biometric data from all travellers at EU borders, including EU nationals - http://arstechnica.co.uk/tech-policy/2015/10/france-wants-biometric-data-from-all-travellers-at-eu-borders-including-eu-nationals/ oh, come on... #privacy

Fighting wildlife crime in the UK - http://www.ifaw.org/united-kingdom/get-involved/fighting-wildlife-crime-in-uk something else important the UK gov wants to cut, with dire consequences

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