Friday, 9 October 2015


#TPP: 'She's a beauty, mate!' Really? - er, no actually, as people will discover when they finally get the text

Tobacco carve-out highlights risks of #TPP - 'cos 1000s of other companies can use #ISDS to sue to impede gov policy

#TPP stifling rather than sustaining - "The downsides are uncertain and could be large, while the upsides are small"

#TPP digital rights fears: IP laws lock-in, offshore housing of personal data - unlike in EU, where privacy wins

Clinton opposes new Pacific trade pact in break with Obama - I'm not convinced: still lots of wiggle room #TPP

#AU sugar Farmers disappointed and Qld National Party MPs may cross floor on #TPP - when reality kicks in, TPP fails

Official New Zealand 'Fact Sheet' on Intellectual Property in #TPP - more of a "fact" sheet, methinks... #NZ

Mass protest against #TTIP and #CETA to take place in Berlin - the place to be...

Why we'll sue CEOs who ignore climate change - great idea, can't start soon enough

Smoke from Indonesian fires blankets Thai holiday island in haze - "Indonesia needs to convict plantation companies"

Pint-sized DNA sequencer impresses first users - this is gobsmacking - in the nicest possible way #genomics

.@ArsTechnicaUK is hiring a Technology Editor - form an orderly line, please...

Matthew Keys Found Guilty Of Criminal 'Hacking' For Sharing News Company Login - absurd

The Right Way To Stop Piracy: Carrot of Stick? - new free report from @mmasnick's @CopiaInstitute #copyright

Wikipedia founder says the UK's proposed ban on crypto is “moronic” - & that's being kind...

#Genepatents probably dead worldwide following Australian court decision - great: this will save many lives #myriad

How the NDP and Liberals can defeat the Tories: a data-driven approach - now that's an interesting approach... #ca

TRAI wants definitive sunset date for mandatory GPS: Privacy concerns? - er, just a bit #india

Lumber liquidators pleads guilty to importing illegal wood products, settles with department of justice -

#asbestos "cost industry more than $50 billion to date, as a possible model" for #teflon's C8 costs to Dupont -

The Coming Collision Between EU Privacy Regulation And American Free Speech - eeek, could be bad...

“Weev” threatens prosecutors with info from Ashley Madison leaks - whoa

No more new cars or furniture, says king as oil slump forces cuts on Saudi Arabia - whoa, it's happening...

"#Mozilla intends to remove support for most NPAPI plugins in #Firefox" - I'd rather they dropped the #DRM

Appeals Court: No You Can't Copyright Yoga - not this again...

#NZ "will also need to provide 10 years of data protection for new agricultural chemicals" under #TPP - anti-science

re last tweet: this undermines science because data is just facts, but #TPP gives extended monopolies on those facts #outrageous

law firms "are likely to see considerable work from the #ISDS provisions in" #TPP - you bet - and how #AU

#NZ #TPP factsheets - is there no claim about the economic growth this will produce? maybe 'cos there's none

Chinese 'ivory queen' charged with smuggling 706 elephant tusks - this is a very hopeful sign; more please

Clinton's #TPP deal disapproval is 'a critical turning point' - yes, provided she doesn't do another policy flip

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