Saturday, 18 April 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150416 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

US Trade Authority Bill Faces Broad Congressional, Public Opposition; Does Not Bode Well for TPP Negotiations - #TPP

Fast Track Bill Ignores Lessons of Financial Crisis - bad in every way #FTA #TPP #TTIP

Obama’s Fast Track Bill a last-ditch move to rescue #TPP - smell the panic #TPA #TTIP

Crack Down On The Illegal Hunting Of Birds Throughout Europe! - totally unacceptable;@EU_Commission must act

Gao Yu and Document No 9: China jails journalist for leaking state secrets - awful news, bad portent for #china

The #ArmenianGenocide – the Guardian briefing - good backgrounder on terrible events a century ago

Farming must not become #TTIP ‘bargaining chip’, say MEPs - but it will - one of the main ones, too (v @TTIPBeware)

Important new leak of EU #TTIP offer & demands -  Was die Kommission anbietet und fordert

new #TTIP leak: US wants at least what's in #CETA - which means we must stop CETA too

"das “window of opportunity” für einen zügigen #TTIP-Abschluss immer kleiner werde" - yup

"Ein von den US gefordertes hohes Ambitionsniveau im Agrarbereich erfordere ein hohes US-Ambitionsniveau bei öffentlichen Beschaffungen"

"die Verwendung von Negativlisten zur Liberalisierung der Dienstleistungsmärkte aus BEL-Sicht schwierig sei." #belgium #TTIP

NB: "HUN informierte, dass es #ISDS in #TTIP nach wie vor nicht als notwendig erachte" - go, #Hungary....

NB: "#TTIP betreffe vielmehr “data flows with full respect of our legal regimes”. why EU must have strong data protection

"unter dem [US] Begriff “modern agricultural technologies” auch heikle gentechnisch veränderte Organismen (GVOs) subsumiert werden." #GMOs

#TTIP: "seien auf US-Seite auch noch keinerlei praktische Maßnahmen zur Einrichtung des Leseraums getroffen worden." #transparency #not

EU "informierte, dass man sich auf US-Seite auch nachdrücklich für Leseräume innerhalb der Regierungen der EU-MS einsetze." #TTIP

If Virginia Elections Weren't Hacked, It's Only Because No One Tried - further hints you just can't trust e-voting

Digital Rights are Human Rights - nice review of what's been happening in this area

Cameron warns of Labour-SNP 'coalition of chaos' - perhaps it's just me, but seems incredible vague attack...

"even if #ISDS is passed [now] balance of power may still change before end of negotiations - yup: just like #ACTA

TV Companies Will Sue #VPN Providers “In Days” - copyright maximalists really want to destroy privacy on the Net

A global day of action against rigged trade agreements - do join in - should be fun... #TTIP #CETA #ISDS #A18DoA

#TPP is great for elites. Is it good for anyone else? - good analysis

important: the investigative website has launched a #TTIP research project - just the facts

Wall Street Journal Suggests Snowden Gave China Its 'Great Cannon' Software... Based On Pure Random Speculation -

Escaped zebras chased through #Brussels by police - "from a ranch in the Belgian capital" huh?

Dodd's Email Reveals What MPAA Really Thinks Of Fair Use: 'Extremely Controversial' - tell us what you really think

Research funded by drug companies says drug-funding agency Pharmac should reveal what drugs are on its waiting list -

Obama’s new trade deal represents massive executive overreach - and how #TPP

The puck stops here - "tell Europe to send corporate lawsuits to the penalty box" #CETA

The Error of Fast Tracking the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement - … failing to learn from #ACTA

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