Saturday, 4 April 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150402 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

UK Government Now Main Driver of #ODF Advance: Kudos - lots of great things happening here

Immovable North Korean Authoritarianism Meets Irresistible Moore's Law: Which Wins? - this will be fascinating

Chinese are snapping up EU companies - $220 billion so far: why #ISDS in EU-China trade deal would be madness

FBI Uncovers Another Of Its Own Plots, Senator Feinstein Responds By Saying We Should Censor The Internet - daft

Confirmed intra-EU ISDS mess: An update of the Micula case - another reason #ISDS has no place in #TTIP, #CETA #ro

Philippines not to seek to join #TPP: trade chief - "#RCEP offers the prospect of a better deal"

Google and #privacy authorities wrestle with EU “right to be forgotten” - tricky stuff - but important

What Do You Do When Preserving Evidence Is Labeled 'Possession' And Destroying It Is A Felony? - hmmm

Syriza supports recognising #Palestine - "138 countries within the UN are in favour of the request to upgrade"

#TiSA mandate: a simple piece of paper or a symbol of democratic scrutiny? - good analysis, important points

Crony Capitalism Goes Global: The #TPP & #ISDS Explained - nice, easy-to-watch video

Mutant antibiotic-resistant superbugs are spreading in Texas winds - "spawned in cattle feedlots" #farming

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