Friday, 10 April 2015


EU Politicians Say: Don't Undermine Data Protection Rules With TAFTA/#TTIP -- And Stop The Mass Surveillance -

hugely important new site: we must stop this dangerous #EU legislation: "threat to fundamental rights" #tradesecrets

The Wellcome Trust’s polite business chats won’t save the Earth - Sir John Sulston making sense, as usual...

Turns Out Feds Actually Tracked Most International Calls For Nearly A Decade Before 9/11 -- Didn't Stop The Attack -

Rapid global warming may be coming sooner than you think - so much for the "global warming hiatus"

Is It Acceptable For Academics To Pay For Privatized, Expedited Peer Review? - discuss

Chevron's Secret Videos Show Corp. Technicians Finding & Mocking Extensive Oil Contamination in Ecuador Rainforest -

A new report on TTIP (in Swedish) has just been published - "#TTIP is based on overly optimistic assumptions"

USTR Backtracks on Commitments with Intellectual Property & #ISDS - gosh, what a surprise

Can ‘Speedo diplomacy’ save one of the world's last pristine oceans?  - seems unlikely, but we can hope....

#TTIP: Amerikaner schlagen Tauschhandel vor - selling #EU sovereignty 4 a bag of beans (v @BoeckingD @bendrath)#ISDS

Trade deal could cost Irish beef farmers €50m - people finally waking up to big costs of #TTIP #ireland

Nobel prize winners join call for charities to divest from fossil fuels - @wellcometrust looking really bad now

New NAFTA rulings favor corporations over community values, environment - foretaste of what #TTiP, #CETA could bring

DEA Phone Tracking Program Would Have Continued If Not For Snowden - reasons to be grateful to him..

Review: Anonabox or InvizBox, which Tor router better anonymizes online life? - useful

#TTIP: Do the Geopolitical arguments stack up? - good interview with @bueti: important points #china

U.S. secretly tracked billions of calls for decades - didn't stop the big attacks, did it? #surveillance

 More than 100 top doctors attack government record on #NHS - "Lansley’s Act is denationalising healthcare"

Chinese are snapping up EU companies - $220 billion so far: why #ISDS in EU-China trade deal would be madness

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