Sunday, 12 April 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150410 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

#Malta bird hunting vote: Tradition and conservation clash - rather, barbarism and civilisation...

.@SeaWorld lawsuit alleges orcas are drugged and confined in 'chemical tubs' - shut down this animal torture company

 Prostitution: Bordellbetreiber sollen auf Zuverlässigkeit überprüft werden - sounds a sensible approach

"We are going to counter industrial scale deforestation using industrial scale reforestation." - using #drones

BitTorrent Launches Beta of Torrent-Based Browser Project Maelstrom - sounds great

The culture of freedom: free software, free speech - the slides of my recent WordCamp London talk #wordpress

UK people, a quick reminder: when candidates canvas your vote, great opportunity to ask about their #TTIP position & tell them yours #GE2015

FTC Settles with 2 Companies Falsely Claiming to Comply with EU #SafeHarbor Privacy Framework - = utterly toothless

Anti-Piracy Threats Trigger Massive Surge in VPN Usage - & we know how the copyright industries will respond to that

Participation at #Mozilla - the lizard wrangler speaketh

Anti-Vaxx Mother Leaves Movement After All 7 of Her Kids Get Whooping Cough - "coughing so hard they would vomit"

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