Thursday, 6 March 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140304 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Attorneys for Barrett Brown want case on linking to hacked material dismissed - absurd attempt to cow

The DMCA Takedown of a Feynman Lectures eBook Converter - #copyright an obstacle to disseminating knowledge again

Co-op goes back on chicken welfare promise - bad them

Last hours to Submit to EU #Copyright Consultation - closes today; open to all, not just #EU - pl. respond

#India’s NCERT recommends GNU/Linux for schools across the country - that would be good

Emerging Scientific Consensus: There's No Such Thing as Safe Plastic - few of 80,000 chemicals tested in US #TTIP

RightsCon or a right con? (or How I learned to stop worrying and love corporate surveillance) - big, unresolved issue

Humanity Has Got to Come to Grips with the World's Fresh Water Crisis - #water must be managed as a #commons

why that open source crypto bug may not be as serious as it's painted -

Development of open access in #China: strategies, practices, challenges - #oa "will soon become the accepted norm"

“The oblivion of the sea eagle wouldn’t matter...would be an absolute blessing for the countryside and its animals" -

CIA Accused Of Spying On Senate Intelligence Committee Staffers - wow; outrageous - and stupid...

Indonesian clerics issue fatwa to protect wildlife - but will it make any difference? #id

Italy slaps Swiss pharma giants with huge fines - "to prevent the use of a very cheap drug" (v @pharmagossip)

John le Carr√© warns of threat posed by secret services to democracy - & he should know... #gchq

Wartime sex slaves urge #Japan's PM to drop plans to re-examine 1993 apology - haven't they suffered enough?

Move cautiously in #TPP talks - " imperative Japanese negotiators give priority to protecting people’s well-being"

U.S. sets 2014 goal for signing #TPP free trade pact - slipping, 2015?

How ICE And GoDaddy Teamed Up To Help Censor A Mexican Protest Website - worrying abuse

Obama knew CIA secretly monitored intelligence committee, senator claims - oh well, that makes it fine, then...

More Details Revealed Concerning CIA's Spying On Senate Intelligence Committee - important stuff; big story...

Feds Dismiss Charges Against Barrett Brown For Linking After Realizing They Had No Case - a win, but limited

Former #NSA Official Claims Snowden Set Agency Back A Decade, Tells Putin To 'Return' Whistleblower - good debunking

 6-billion-year-old quasar spinning nearly as fast as physically possible - wow #science

Obama administration told to stop expanding "corporate rights" in trade agreements - #ISDS #TPP #TTIP

Public health care vs. the #TPP agreement - "primary threats as they relate to public health care" Exposes a Corrupt and Violent Regime - excellent (v @Mlsif @pdmteam)#ua

Photos from the January 31st North American Day of Action against the #TPP and corporate globalization -

Rep. Polis Asks Treasury To Ban Dollar Bills, Mocking Senator's Request To Ban Bitcoins - ha! nicely done...

#Mozilla is investigating why #Dell UK is charging £16.25 to install Firefox, says no such deal exists with anyone -

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