Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140310 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

'Canned hunting' of white lions is despicable – and it must stop - we need to name & shame rich sickos doing this

S. Korea to hold talks with U.S. over #ISDS clause in free trade pact - more doubts about this approach

New Booklet – Human Rights and Privatised Law Enforcement - hugely dangerous trend; must be halted

#CareData. Why Disabled People Should be Worried - excellent analysis of fiasco (v @glynwintle @EinsteinsAttic)

Please Contact MEPs today: Big Votes in European Parliament tomorrow - #EUdataP & #EPInquiry: really important stuff

Student Points Finger Like Gun, Gets Suspended Under Zero Tolerance Rules - no comment necessary...

isn't it strange how "zero tolerance" applies to children, but not James Clapper lying under oath to Congress? -

As Big Pharma Piles On The Political Pressure, Indian Government Slows Pace Of Compulsory Drug Licensing -

Liberian campaigner calls for EU action on logging law dodgers - come on EU, fix this

Dutch Supreme Court To Let Rights Group Collect Back 'You Must Be A Pirate' Taxes On Mp3 Players And Hard Drives -

US Politicians Who Support #Fracking Are Starting to Pay a Political Price - interesting

Europe faces up to big pharma over clinical data - fighting this is simply immoral; blood on #bigpharma's hands

Lockerbie - "a Syrian terrorist group was responsible acting on behalf of Iran"

 joint letter opposing #TTIP from various UK trade unions and civil society groups - broad-based opposition grows

#NAFTA: 20 years of costs to communities and environment - from @sierraclub; so why will #TPP/#TTIP be any better?

Outsourcing cancer care - the biggest and most reckless NHS privatisation yet? - insane; shame on @macmillancancer

NSA won’t shut up about Snowden, but what about the spy who stole more? - shows the real agenda here (v @raycorrigan)

Feinstein accuses CIA of intimidation in effort to block #torture report - "to publish a summary of the report"

#NAFTA Report Warns Of Trade Deal Environmental Disasters - negative externalities are never included - should be

Feinstein Finally Finds Surveillance To Get Angry About: When It Happened To Her Staffers - well, look at that

US Action Alert: Send 30,000 comments to the FDA on taking antibiotics out of our meat - might be wise

What's Feinstein So Upset About? CIA Just Spied On Senate Intelligence Committee 'Metadata' - in-depth analysis

U.S. Objectives, U.S. Benefits In the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: A Detailed View - #TAFTA/#TTIP

USTR on #TTIP: "seek 2 include provisions that facilitate movement of cross-border data flows" - /cc @ClaudeMoraesMEP

USTR on #TTIP: "ensuring EU investors in US not accorded greater substantive rights wrt investment protections than U.S. investors in US"

How The FBI Has Been Working Hard To Deport Friends Of Guy They Killed During Interview About Boston Bombing -

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