Monday, 24 March 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140322 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Global warming to hit Asia hardest, warns new report on #climatechange - this will cause wars in those regions...

Britain urged to sign up to shipwreck treaty to protect underwater heritage - why on earth has this not been done?

Another stolen generation: how #Australia still wrecks Aboriginal families - 14,000 children "removed" #AU

Guess who's major stakeholder in Canada's #tarsands? Of course, it's the Kochs - some of the most evil people around

in 2007,@BarackObama promised to label #GMO foods if elected - has this man kept any of his election promises?

Elephants damage vehicles after escaping from Missouri circus handlers - time to ban use of these animals in circuses

Government intervenes at school 'taken over’ by Muslim radicals - very worrying if confirmed (v @aral)#UK

Busted: BSA Steals Photo For “Snitch On a Pirate” Campaign - strange how that happens...

The “Permanent Liaison”: how ERT and BusinessEurope set the agenda for the EU Summit - "competitiveness" vs #commons

"public health establishment is too cowardly to take on the powerful processed food companies and their lobbyists" -

No-Spy-Abkommen: "Wir haben mit niemandem ein entsprechendes Abkommen geschlossen, nicht einmal mit den Briten." -

#Japan: Stop Denying The "Comfort Women" Justice! - “a necessary system to maintain military discipline."

Metropolitan police sued over officer who preyed on domestic violence victim - just how many rotten apples are there?

.@Novartis extends leadership in clinical trial data transparency - v welcome (v @pharmagossip)#opendata

LG announces a smart bulb that connects to iOS & Android devices - "how many smartphone platforms does it take to..."

London Live: Can it change the capital's television viewing habits? - interesting venture #london #tv

Why has Grayling banned prisoners being sent books? - what a truly sad & mean-spirited individual (v @GeorgeMonbiot)

Lenovo Succumbs To Patent Troll In USD100 Million Deal - what a waste

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