Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140324 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Wellcome Trust’s #OpenAccess spend 2012-13: Are fees charged by major publishers creating a new serials crisis? -

Community and Diversity - be interesting to see how this develops in #mozilla and #opensource worlds

Obama to Call for End to #NSA’s Bulk Data Collection - no protection for us furriners, of course.. (v @SophieintVeld)

Obama in Europe - excellent analysis of how big business is driving #TTIP & hollowing out European values (v @jmcest)

#TTIP: Ex-Weltbankchef Zoellick will Investorenschutz kippen - wow, #ISDS definitely on the way out

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes: news and review of comments on EPO strike - #EPO seems in meltdown mode...

Math Teacher Punishes Students With 'Game of Thrones' Spoilers - maths teachers always were ahead of the game

#Fracking safety: report warns of 'significant unknowns' - all safety data must be #opendata

EU emissions cuts could herald climate turning point - which is why we must do it

Investor treaties in trouble - "In Malaysia, the ISDS is one of the major controversial issues" #TPP #ISDS

Steeped in Overhead: A Look at the Expenses of Tea Party Groups - ha! #TeaParty taken to the cleaners (v @froomkin)

Document Freedom Day delivers messages of interoperability around the world - 41 Events in 18 countries

Imaging Beta Pictoris b - such exciting times in the field of exoplanets... #science

UK moves towards longer jail terms for trolls - no danger of this being abused, of course...

Michael Hayden Thinks #Snowden Revelations, Rather Than NSA Actions, May Splinter The Internet - yeah, right

I dropped the “NC” from my #CC License - good post: "what most scholars really want—is simply proper attribution"

Mass Surveillance: French Spooks and Telcos Hand in Hand - " revelations have been met with the deafening silence"

Pour les européennes, Mélenchon mise tout sur le traité transatlantique - (v @LesMotsRouges @Irien00)#TTIP

#Snowden Statement on Administration’s #NSA Reform Plan - "This is a turning point" (v  ‏@benwizner @GusHosein)

Obama: US must 'win back the trust of ordinary citizens' over data collection - (but foreigners don't count) #snowden

 MIT creates a system to “PRISM-proof” websites - we need plenty of these systems

We need different types of citation: Replicates, Falsifies, DependsOn, Acknowledges … - clever; let's do it

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