Saturday, 23 February 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130221 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Select Committee Inquiry into Clinical Trials Data - urgent: deadline noon today; pl. submit if you can #opendata

#Roundup more toxic than officially declared - new study -, if confirmed #monsanto

Deutsche EU-Abgeordnete lobbyieren für Sicherheitsindustrie - too much #lobbying

Energy company wants audio of foul-mouthed executive removed from the web - yeah, good luck with that

To Argue That 'Copyright And The First Amendment Coexisted For 200 Years' Is To Ignore Reality - great rebuttal

Internet Archive Employees to be Paid in Bitcoin: Please Donate - wow, that's amazing

Blender 2.66 Adds New Modes, Physics, Hair Rendering - gets amazinger #opensource

Открытые данные Москвы - good news from #Russia#opendata

v impressed by @gleniswillmott at meeting on EU Clinical Trials Directive today; transparency & #opendata move a little closer #Euclinical

#Spotify - Large Scale, Low Latency, P2P Music-on-Demand Streaming - seems based on #linux & #hadoop (v @remixtures)

Stop The UK Fire Service Being Privatised - not content with gutting the #NHS, now this: let's fight it #epetition

EU/US push WIPO negotiations against human rights, 4 restrictions on exceptions - these people are disgusting #blind

Publishers Successfully Lobbying UK Lords Committee? - well, they have no arguments, so they have to use lobbying #oa

EU negotiator says Canada must give up more to get free-trade deal - let's see him do the same for #TAFTA #CETA

Abe readying to announce Japan’s entry into #TPP talks - thinks it can get exemption for rice & beef: ha!

EU-Russian cooperation needed to stop Baltic Sea becoming ‘green soup’ - too right

Bank of England close to yuan deal - significant in lots of ways #china #economics

RT @catlx My latest project: #OpenSource Technology Transfer - (v @openp2pdesign)#openhardware

Android Users Have Notably Lower Mobile Voice and SMS Consumption than iPhone Users - maybe they have real lives...

BBC Pollard inquiry: why is it so hard to search the documents? - maybe 'cos #BBC is clueless about technology?

al-Qaeda's 22 Tips and Tricks To Dodge rones - looks like we'll all be needing these, the way things are going...

Study: Online Courses May Be The Worst For Minorities And At-Risk Students - could be a problem; needs looking into

Google buildings in SV affected by toxic substances left behind by computer chip makers - </insert obvious comment>

Will Anyone Blink First? Canada - EU Trade Agreement Appears to Hit a Stalemate - good question #CETA

Orthography of Early Chinese Writing - amazing scholarship, now freely available - kudos #linguistics #language

MT @StephanShaxper Please take my 'Open Data' survey, helping me with my strategic Review of Public Sector Information. 

Open Data & My Data - #OKF "launching an Open Data & MyData Working Group"

How #opendata could transform the citizen-government relationship in #Uganda great initiative #transparency

Where Has the "Author" Gone in Copyright? - it has merged with the public: welcome to the age of expanding creativity

Oxford Dictionaries adds tweetable, dumbphone & FOSS to its latest editions - yay, #FOSS is respectable #lexicography

'Report on European Parliament's free software use is coming' - excellent - I look forward to reading it #EU #freesw

3D-Printed Suckers Make #Robot #Octopus a Terrifying Possibility - what could possibly go wrong?

Temporary tattoos could make electronic telepathy and telekinesis possible - hmm...

The Open Data Institute opens up for applications to work with crime & justice data - great; let's add #clinicaldata

New Order From Seattle Judge in MS v. Motorola May Mean Good News for Motorola - we shall see

CoolShip #Android keyboard computer reminds us of the 80's - makes sense

São Paulo State Governor Vetoes Open Educational Resources Bill - really regrettable #OER #brazil

Hacking the Papal Election - detailed & fascinating. by @schneierblog 

Desperate data about desperate children - another reason why we need #opendata

AIDS Study Shows Fastest Life Expectancy Gains 'In the History of Public Health' - why withholding generics is murder

Blake Ross Leaving #Facebook - maybe he'd like to get back to making the world a better place again.... #firefox

Second shoe drops: new White House Directive mandates OA - full analysis from @petersuber#openaccess #us

Taking on real reform in a post-#SOPA world good to see @dkhanna11 moving forward here (v @doctorow)#IPout #TAFTA

UK's credit rating downgraded from AAA to AA1 by Moody's - great: so all the suffering was a waste of time...

#Brazil Supreme Court denies #Monsanto extension on GM soy patent - not the end, but getting there

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