Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130203 - http://bit.ly/VEhGSL yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Queensland Gov. threatens to sue tobacco companies for cost to health sector - http://bit.ly/UlQp77 bravo (v @tobaccofreeaust @DrRimmer)#au

US Corporations Win Against #Privacy in EU Parliament Consumer Committee - http://bit.ly/VZQTi2 why are some #MEPs so keen to serve US?

Why Do #Copyright Monopolists Think They Can Just Take Somebody Else’s Work? - http://bit.ly/VKiQZx best form defence is attack

#SCO Asks the Bankruptcy Court to Let It Destroy Its Business Records -http://bit.ly/Wp1frR nothing to hide? good, give them to us...

Endlich! Peer Steinbrück revolutioniert die politische Blog-Kommunikation in Deutschland - http://bit.ly/YwngUr hilarious #de

Federal Aviation Administration predicts explosion in drones market after 2015 -http://bit.ly/YOd2CK once they've fitted bombs, presumably

How academia betrayed and continues to betray Aaron Swartz -http://bit.ly/YOdtgg missed this before (v @DaHammerstein)#openaccess

Al Gore: US democracy has been hacked - http://bit.ly/VyxReU nicely put#corruption

Saudi preacher gets fine and short jail term for raping and killing daughter -http://bit.ly/WJ9pLd warning: highly disturbing (v @kaatje36)

US objects to Indian government’s domestic technology sourcing plan -http://bit.ly/UlZRYf after all,there's no "'Buy American" in US...much

UK minister: 'There must be a limit to what the gov knows about its people' -http://bit.ly/WSqBxJ it's a trap...

Fracking With Bad Water - http://onforb.es/WLnnZV "a dwindling supply of fresh water" & people want to use if for #fracking? greed + stupidity

BT to end traffic throttling - claims capacity is FAT - http://bit.ly/WSs0o2 should help slay myth about need for traffic caps

Wine for Linux is going mobile - http://tnw.co/14zvVZt thus rendering #windowseven more moot #android

#EU Structured stakeholder dialogue "Licences for Europe" -http://bit.ly/WJdfE8 let's hope the public is a stakeholder... (v @MarietjeD66)

Zirkus in Mexiko: Tiger tötet Dompteur vor den Augen der Zuschauer -http://bit.ly/VKsCuK why tigers shouldn't be in circuses, no?

Discounting iPhone Apps Increases Revenue by 159% -http://on.mash.to/11AwyTP gosh, nobody ever thought that would happen, eh?

An Economic Alternative to Exploitative Free Market Capitalism -http://bit.ly/Y4Mwik it's Diggers 2.0 #commons

Geeks are the New Guardians of Our Civil Liberties - http://bit.ly/URiVLG good summary to hand out to non-geeks (v @Falkvinge)

Chris Huhne pleads guilty - http://bit.ly/Wp9Smh earlier might have been wiser... #uk

Skeletal evidence provides 'highly convincing case' that this is Richard III -http://bit.ly/WSDLL2 but will people be convinced?

Make #climatechange a priority - http://wapo.st/XRPVjG "$500 billion annually in fossil-fuel subsidies" says president of the World Bank

It's him: skeleton found in car park is that of Richard III - http://bit.ly/WSDLL2throw in a bit of DNA, now they seem certain...

The EU Commission's Outrageous Attempt to Avoid #Copyright Reform -http://bit.ly/VKI4XQ 75% in UGC are industry groups /cc @MarietjeD66 

MT @Coadec @VassiliouEU:"Without investment in quality content, hard to imagine growth in Net & social media" it all happened without it

Open Knowledge Foundation has signed the #AllTrials petition -http://bit.ly/Wpt2sh have you? please do - this will save countless lives 

Public procurement: plurilateral GPA and bilateral #FTAs - http://bit.ly/WJEy1ehard keeping up with all these

Help open up the postcodes - http://bit.ly/YOAgZs in the age of #opendata, this is long overdue: let's make it happen now

#Bayer Fights #India's Compulsory Licensing Of Cancer Drug By Claiming It Spent $2.5 Billion Developing It - http://bit.ly/11ktFau ORLY?

CEO Coalition - the blind leading the bland - http://bit.ly/Xa9A08 again, that little thing called the public conspicuous by its absence #eu

La Hadopi favorable à un dépôt légal sans DRM à la BNF, mais limité -http://bit.ly/TziYN0 sick: treats #DRM as norm, and #open as exception

#Copyright: Finally, the Evidence is Coming - http://bit.ly/14Mc9uM it's take long enough; now we need the policymakers to take note

EU Ombudsman's decision deepens #ECB unaccountability -http://bit.ly/14zWo9e not good

NYC officials threaten funding of College over Israel event -http://bit.ly/12n4wLK & I always thought USians were big on freedom of speech

MT @jerezim Maria Martin-Prat moderator of "user-generated content" working group #LicencesForEurope >> you can't make this stuff up

Roundup ad misleading: #Monsanto forced to accept verdict -http://bit.ly/XFbnu7 yes, facts are such awkward things... 

Pirate Bay Censorship Turns Proxies Into Local Heroes - http://bit.ly/11Jar98it's a, er, rum world...

“Stop Erasing Hong Kong's History” - http://bit.ly/WLYe1a regrettable

Yet Another #OpenAccess Inquiry in UK - http://bit.ly/VES7Ry please make a submission if you can

MT @Coadec EU Moderator shutting down discussion of exceptions despite ppl highlighting problems with licensing>> this is the trick they use

Samsung now selling three TVs every second, helping in its bid to dominate consumer households - http://tnw.co/11kG9z2 apple doesn't...

Law and politics in the GSU case - http://bit.ly/Y5opjA "Based on the weakness of the brief, I think the law still favors GSU."

clear that EU's #licencesforEurope is a sham, designed 2 move argument away from real issues, & real #copyright reform, towards more control

MT @Coadec As we have to discuss licensing ONLY [we] discuss CCBY. Certain industry says "too early to discuss" #licences4europe shameful

#licences4europe forbidden to talk about anything but licensing, but when cc-by is brought up, that's dismissed too.  this is a total farce

#EU lead on clinical trials comes out in favour of transparency. Hurrah! -http://bit.ly/US43wH great news #openclinicaltrials now

MT @PostActa very good PR to launch #licencesforEurope exactly a year after we said NO to #ACTA >>slap in the face, more like

UK Thankfully Rejects Plans For New IP Czar With Mandate To 'Increase, Protect & Enforce' - http://bit.ly/US50Fo outbreak of good sense

EU's copyright reform talks a waste of time, says digital rights group -http://bit.ly/XSholw frames UGC in terms of licensing, not rights

MT @Coadec"How have you evaluated licensing as being best solution?" Moderator: "well, we want to deliver something" >>who needs evidence?

Even more delays to the UK's Digital Economy Act - http://bit.ly/TzXyiM time to take it round the back and put it out of its misery.. #deact

New Job at Global Integrity: Research Manager - http://bit.ly/WKDRVu could be you

Google and Mozilla show off video chat between #Chrome and #Firefox thanks to WebRTC support - http://tnw.co/Wqqdas good to work together

#PAIPO Phoenix - http://bit.ly/UprUWP that's a pity #africa

RIAA Set For Historic 10,000,000th Google URL Takedown -http://bit.ly/YPnU34 absurd waste of effort

Why Aaron Died - http://bit.ly/VzWiZD "But I say it again: Aaron’s death was not caused by depression."

Richard Stallman's Solution To 'Too Big To Fail' - http://bit.ly/YPorC7 thought-provoking as ever #rms

Only a bird - http://bit.ly/UptKqD you want transitional forms? we got transitional forms #evolution

Staatskrise in Rumänien: Rumäniens Präsident blockiert Immunitätsgesetz -http://bit.ly/Wqrazm bravo #ru

Poesía #Argentina - http://bit.ly/TBkaPH nice #cc

What a model train project can teach us about the future of 3D scanning and printing - http://bit.ly/WMLmYM fascinating #3dprinting

“Security Engineering” now available free online - http://bit.ly/UpuNHa "free online copies and paid-for paper copies can be complements"

Work for Creative Commons in Europe: new Regional Coordinator job opening up - http://bit.ly/UpvIHH yet more jobs #cc

Collateral Censorship: Oxford Union Replaces Assange Speech Backdrop, Citing 'Copyright' Concerns - http://bit.ly/WKG7Mn pathetic

Investigative Journalist Claims Her Public Tweets Aren't 'Publishable;' Threatens 2 Sue Blogger Who Does Exactly That - http://bit.ly/WqtAOD

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