Friday, 1 February 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130130 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Datenschutz: EU-Grüne laden Stallman zu Keynote ein - be fun #privacy #dataprotection #eu

25 #Women in 10 Free Software Organizations for #GNOME's Outreach Program for Women - excellent idea

New Paper Shows Follow On Patents Are Common, and Commonly Extend the Patent Life of Pharmaceuticals - #TPP #pharma

#VLC Multimedia Player Shows Changing #OpenSource License Is Hard, But Possible - interesting example

‘Sorry, Martin Mills, the future of music is through innovation, not government protection’ - yup (v @dml)

Imagining a #drone-proof city: an architectural proposal - will come

"You're not competing with free. You're competing with a service which meets my requirements." - important point

#CETA threatens Internet, health & democracy - Investor-state arbitration clauses allow cos. to sue countries

Arbitration clause in EU-Canada trade agreement, an easy way to bypass#democracy: Kriton Arsenis MEP - #CETA

UN: #Israeli settlements 'violate #Palestinian rights' - and how (v @julianhuppert)

Antitrust: EC sends Statement of Objections to J&J and Novartis on delayed entry of generic pain-killer - big fine time

Russian Ministry Of Culture Publishes Draft Anti-Piracy Law; Requires Takedowns Within 24 Hours - more bad stuff #ru

[correct URL] EC sends Statement of Objections to J&J & Novartis on delayed entry of generic pain-killer - big fine pl.

Former RIAA VP Named 2nd In Command Of Copyright Office - "imagine Copyright Office naming a top EFF litigator" to post

Finanzskandal: Schmiergeldaffäre bringt Spaniens Premier in Bedrängnis - what fun #spain

Official: Internet Freedom Hearing Slated for Feb. 5 - "
Will look at aftermath of #ITU conference" (v @dml)

Netzneutralität in Slowenien: Zweiter EU-Staat verbietet Diskriminierung von Net-Diensten zu kommerziellen Zwecken -

MT @NeelieKroesEU.@MBarnierEU, @VassiliouEU and I will discuss#copyright with stakeholders on Monday. >>includes the public too, I hope

Power and the Internet - unusual, interesting post from @Bruce_Schneier 

Open Government: The Indonesian Experience - facinating stuff #id #ogov

Nama: An Open Source Textile Interface - based on#arduino (v @openp2pdesign @MikePress)

French National Library Privatizes Public Domain Materials - enclosing the #knowledge #commons #fr

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