Thursday, 21 February 2013


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 130219 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

[RT] #monsanto: "to suggest that plants just grow themselves is preposterous" - says it all, really (v @Tgeigs)#GM

Transatlantic trade deal is Obama's chance for a legacy -, that's #climatechange, actually #IPout of #TAFTA

I Can't Let You Do That, Dave - great meditation on why#DRM must be extirpated

Kaptur Reintroduces Seed Replanting Bill But Supreme Court Decision Coming Soon - pointless; abolish #genepatents

E.ON lobbied for stiff sentences against Kingsnorth activists, papers show - "over-bearing, arrogant and illiberal"

Why do US & EU trade negotiators hate the Berne Copyright Limitations & Exceptions? - 'cos (c) maximalists are greedy

Η Open Data Day 2013 γιορτάζεται και στην Ελλάδα! -'s good (v @karounos)#opendata

Cardinal Favored to Become First Black Pope Blames Gay Priests for the Church’s Sexual Abuse Scandals - great

Investors running wild on land: the threats posed by international investment agreements - this will cause riots

Big Tobacco-Backed Lawmakers Take Down Oklahoma’s Anti-Smoking Bill - now share responsibility for deaths to come

WIPO Negotiations Over Changes To Copyright For Those With Disabilities Once Again Shrouded In Secrecy - lots to hide

The Continuing Disaster Of Open Government In Germany - come on, people, you can do better than this #opendata

#China to introduce carbon tax - leads the way (v @hamishNews @superglaze)

#Python Software Foundation: An Update on Our #Trademark Issue - things beginning to move? (v @webmink)

Transcript of Oral Argument in Bowman v. #Monsanto: Where's Patent Exhaustion for Self-Replicating Patented Seeds? -

EU Parliament: Will Liberals (ALDE) Weaken Privacy in Industry Committee? - that would be madness

anyone else finding #Firefox 19 a complete dog on Ubuntu? I've had to restart it 3 times so far to kill its 100% CPU hogging #fail #mozilla

Written questions: Self-regulation of online and digital services - good questions from @MarietjeD66 about bad trend

Photography industry shows mass opposition to government #copyrightchanges - + usual sense of entitlement #orphans

5 reasons to oppose the Government's Secret Courts plans - we musn't allow this shameful move (v @AnnieMachon)

Publishers Flip Out, Call Bill To Provide #OpenAccess To Federally Funded Works A 'Boondoggle' - that's rich

Armed #UK Police Raid House Over Facebook Picture Showing Toy Weapon In Background - because, er, #terrorism

Taking The Message Of Open Government To #Burma -"the golden thread of transparncy" #ogov

in 2007, Haliburton applies for patent on patent trolling - beyond parody (v @jwildeboer)

Insist That People Coexisted With Dinosaurs…Get an A in Science Class! - seriously stupid in #oklahoma (v @normative)

Resources Between the Stars - fascinating musings#space

EU-US Free Trade Agreement: End of the Asian Century? -, the pathetic fantasy of 2 declining powers... #TAFTA

Why You Won't Be Reading a New #Tolkien Biography - at its finest; JRR must be proud of his son (v @sjvn)

Sonar Project is to build a Linux operating system focused on accessibility - benefactor urgently needed (v @webmink)

Europäisches Parlament: Industrie-Ausschuss stimmt gegen Datenschutz - "Bürgerrechte gelten als Extremposition!"

EU-US trade deal needs rules of engagement - "refuseniks more muted": you wait, mate #IPout of #TAFTA #opendrafts

#Obama golfed with oil giants during climate rally - how history should remember him... (v @Asher_Wolf @billmckibben)

#EDF Suing Climate Activists For £5 Million - Protesters Face Losing Homes - pure intimidation; remember #mclibel?

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