Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 120827 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

New Zealand capitulates to the #swpats lobby (see second clause) - sad; #NZ will live to regret this (v @elpie)

Rachel #Corrie's death was an accident, Israeli judge rules - eye-witnesses were all dreaming, apparently

Who's Against Blind People Reading? Nobody! - well, nobody except #france & #germany that is...

Four eyewitnesses describe the murder of Rachel #Corrie - ignores them (v @tom_d_ @Glinner)#coverup

#Copyright Reform Process Begins Down Under... And They're Actually Asking Good Questions - well, it's a start #au

OsciPrime: Open Source Oscilloscope for #Android - project

Australia to join EU's emissions trading system - let's hope more do

Stephen Fry: “I Use Ubuntu” - well, course

Zwei junge Tibeter verbrennen sich selbst - sad, sad, sad#china #tibet

DUP's Wells: #Abortion should be ruled out for rape victims - callous bigots in UK too, sadly (v @Glinner @bpas1968)

Apple v. Samsung Verdict: Could Bill Gates Have Patented The iPhone in 1995? - fab analysis (v @kevinmarks)

How the America Invents Act violates #TRIPS - whoops, inconvenient

Kim Dotcom offers developers early API access to the upcoming Megaupload reboot - nicely positive attitude

Help Shape Australia's Copyright Regime - "have a say in the laws being made to deal with copyright"

BBC and Apple - an update - the #bbc is just a joke these days....

2006 #AU copyright law requires you erase a VHS tape after you have watched it once - not a joke (v @PeteDotAscian)

How one man is bringing #VoIP, 'Net access where telecoms fear to tread - using the wonderfully-named "#Mesh Potato"

Samsung Files Motion to Stay Judgment - "Apple has now opened up a new area for litigation and exclusion". good post

Not again. Airtel blocks #Vimeo Videos - still problems in#india

This A10 is an ARM-powered Media PC - more #androidfun

#Firefox 15 arrives, supports compressed textures for impressive 3D gaming - not sure about numbering, but looks good

Major Labels Claim #Copyright Over Public Domain Songs; YouTube Punishes Musician - strange how that works #pd

"same amount of computing to answer one Google Search query as all the computing done for the entire Apollo program" -

how to disable the #Java plugin in Firefox so that Java applets no longer run - this seems to be a wise move at the mo'

Despite Bing’s home-court advantage on IE, Google still dominant overall at 74% - says it all

What Mars Means to Earth - great piece on why #scienceis not a matter of opinion, & vital to our future (v @jjn1)

Apple v. Samsung & broken patent system - "Patents supposed to protect instantiations of ideas, not ideas themselves"

Alternative History of RIAA - but for pigheadness, this could have happened (v @lavi_d_avegas)

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