Thursday, 9 August 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 120808 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

Digia To Acquire #Qt From Nokia - sensible move; let's hope it thrives

#Berne Convention revisions, and the evolution of its limitations and exceptions to #copyright - interesting history

The United Nations and the Internet: It's Complicated - good summary of a mess #icann #itu #un

Another Music Service Shuts Down, Blames Ridiculous Licensing Fees - well, inevitable, really

Coolpix S800 will be the first #Android based camera from #Nikon - this is the future (v @benwerd @billt)

Study Finds #Generic Medications Saved US $1 Trillion Over the Last Decade - cf. #TPP (v @QMIPRI @pranesh_prakash)

original 2008 EU authorisation to begin #ACTA - "the rights of citizens and consumers are nowhere to be seen" #shame

German publisher Axel #Springer says digital drives profits - hardly surprising, but still... (v @RyanHeathEU)

#RIM calls for US #patent system to be reformed - it should have done this sooner... (v @gchampeau)

 Wow - Google Scholar "Updates" a big step forward in sifting through the scientific literature - nice

Gertboard is here! - "expands the #RaspberryPi’s GPIO pins and will allow you to interface with the outside world"

Dotcom lawyer: NZ police stopped pregnant wife from calling a doctor - lovely people

U.S. Cleans Agent Orange Site in Vietnam 37 Years After War - made by those kind people at #monsanto & #dow

An Opportunity to Contribute to Research and KDE - "an online study to explore the usability of #KDE notifications"

Open-source movements butt heads over logo - come on, people you're not apple/samsung...

Our lungs vs. lobbyists - UK #epetition in support of plain-packaging for cigarettes; I've sent my short note #tobacco

Islamist sect found living underground near Russian city for nearly 10 years - there are some right nutters around

Indian Government Mulls Giving Away Mobile Phones To the Poor - shrewd move

#CETA Update, Part Two: #ACTA Provisions Are Still Very Much Alive - so, is the European Commission pulling a fast one?

The Hidden Power of Whale Poop - or: why #whalingexacerbates climate change

#Greenpeace wins against Neste Oil in WIPO - great news; kudos to #wipo, too #parody (v @falkvinge)

Deadly pussies kill more often than owners think - "killing more than four billion animals per year"

Centre for #Copyright brings major boost to UK’s creative industries - why are they celebrating a monopoly in this way?

Can we live without free will? - "in practical terms it matters less than we might fear."

Unleashing the Potential of #OpenData - the UK gov's white paper on the subject is rather good; why not read it?

MT @aza A 281-Gigapixel image of an entire animal (zebrafish embryo) at the cellular level. Amazing. >>biology's future

Traditional Publisher #Ebook Pricing Harming Authors' Careers - important data point: #authors & #publishers please NB

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