Tuesday, 7 August 2012


The downside of #openaccess - http://bit.ly/QEosFk raise some interesting issues (v @mbauwens)

‘Curiosity’ Killed The Apathy? #fundNASA #Crowdfunding Plea Goes Viral -http://tcrn.ch/NjeVwI as some of use were suggesting for #opensource

Watch the Nail-biting 7 Minutes of Terror in JPL’s Mission Control -http://bit.ly/O0PzG4 actually, watch #copyright stop people seeing it (v +Terry Hancock)

Kindle #ebook sales have overtaken print, says Amazon - http://bit.ly/NdMotWthat didn't take long

Apple Is Giving Away Its Secrets By Litigating - http://bit.ly/MrtUK4 what is known as a condign punishment...

Britain United - http://bit.ly/OFxAXi The Sun: "a new Great Britain is being forged." wow (v @DavidAllenGreen)#london2012

Research paywalls tumble down - http://bit.ly/Pz0x32 interesting that Willetts, too, hit paywalls... #openaccess

How militarized war on drugs in Latin America benefits transnational corporations & undermines democracy - http://bit.ly/NWw4kK plausible

Australian Agency Rules #Facebook Pages Responsible For Comments -http://bit.ly/QwjojU not good

Die letzte Schlacht der Steinzeitkrieger - http://bit.ly/MrAfoM shameful actions by #indonesia #png #torture

Biased Buyers Blocking Open Source - http://bit.ly/OEnjrr outrageous that this is still a problem #EU

#TPP Text On Fair Use Leaks; US Proposals Really About Limiting Fair Use, Not Expanding It - http://bit.ly/MYsIxR as we feared #copyright

#Mendeley injects some pace into academia with fast, big data -http://bit.ly/NjroQQ towards the death of impact factors...

Samsung 45% Of Euro Sales; Apple Gained Only In UK, US; RIM Holds On In France - http://tcrn.ch/MIw839 interesting analysis of why

pic of the week: "a picture-perfect morning in northern #Xinjiang" -http://on.fb.me/MrOzOf atmospheric #Xinjiang #新疆

Exploring Anti-Net Neutrality Arguments - http://bit.ly/Pzzp3R it's all about content, money & power... #netneutrality

Chinese telecoms giants are taking over the world. Should we be scared? -http://bit.ly/R9wyD9 racist much? #china #huawei

MPAA Recruits “Surrogates” to Support Extradition of UK Student -http://bit.ly/NjII8u the more we learn about MPAA, more contemptible seem

Samsung Will Give You Up to $300 for Your Old Smartphone -http://on.mash.to/MnXbj4 some aggressive marketing here

We need to go the extra mile with broadband - http://bit.ly/OGyVNv interesting guest post on @NeelieKroesEU's blog #altnet

Time to come clean on US bedfellow, minister - http://bit.ly/R9YqHx you bet (v @PostActa @DrRimmer)#au #acta #tpp #copyright

Happy 21st, world wide web: An idea that changed lives - http://zd.net/O1hR3pa useful reminder: only 21 years... (v @sjvn)

Google records show book scanning was aimed at Amazon -http://bit.ly/OL8qEj not so surprising

Are we still America’s deputy IP sheriff in Asia-Pacific? - http://bit.ly/Q55Es5calling out #TPP trickery (v @BernardKeane @doctorow)#au

#Curiosity rover "caught in the act of landing"—NASA photo -http://bit.ly/OZ8m7l amazing resolution & contrast considering...

Police develop technology to monitor social nws - http://bit.ly/OLb0u0 "no choice but to develop anticipatory aspect to this" (v @ralpost)

#ICANN's Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) Process .sucks -http://rww.to/OZcWm5 .yup

More Anti-Youtube Whining: 'YouTube Complies With Our Takedown Requests Just To Make Us Look Bad' - http://bit.ly/Mshwtv yeah, right

Indian Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap: 'Piracy Helps Deliver The Filmmaker's Message To The Masses' - http://bit.ly/N9znDB obvious, really #india

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