Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 120814 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

Crazy Straws - hello, #freesw#opensource #xkcd

Fisher: Progressive Insurance is lying, they did too defend my sister's killer - @progressive still digging that hole

Rojadirecta Points Court To FlavaWorks Ruling Concerning Infringement On Linking Sites - as they should

Ludlam's #TrapWire questions go unanswered - another clear "yes" from #australia, then.... (v @Asher_Wolf)

Nielsen: More Teens Now Listen To Music Through #YouTube Than Any Other Source - this is big

With Medium, Twitter founders want to ‘reimagine publishing’ — again - more evidence we are all creators now

Office To Become Fully Open XML Compliant (at Last) - means it failed to be until now #microsoft

More Frank Soltesz Industrial Cut-aways - these are simply wonderful (v @boingboing)

Kim Dotcom: MPAA / RIAA Corrupted the U.S. Government - "Dotcom is convinced that Biden is the mastermind"

#Trapwire: It’s Not the #Surveillance, It’s the Sleaze - analysis from unusual angle (v @ioerror)

#Australia Rejects Tobacco Challenge - kudos; UK take note, please (v @ThiruGeneva)#addiction

UK ISP Website #Censorship Measures Face IP Address Sharing Nightmare - important point (v @Coadec)

#Calligra Project Announces Calligra Author - "specialized tool for serious writers"; great to see this #freesw

"The Internet is for #Porn": #Blackmail in 2033 - thought-provoking stuff, as ever

Does Copyright Matter?  - makes clear why #copyright is actually bad for art & artists (v @copyrightgirl @davegearl)

Maharashtra State Revokes #Monsanto’s Cotton Seed License - #GMO unravelling in India? (v @Beautyon_ @libertycrier)

Comment on the UK Government's #Snooping Bill - please respond to this crucially important consultation #ccdp

Fair trade group condemns big tobacco’s use of trade agreements to continue packaging fight after High Court defeat -

Raspberry Fox: Mozilla’s #Firefox OS Running on a #RaspberryPi - nice

#Brazil at forefront of #opensource initiatives - useful update

3D printing show in London, Oct 20-21 - tempting; pity I hate shows

Call for input for OGS - "standards on what open, transparent, accountable and participatory government really means."

WHO Hopes For “Domino Effect” Of Australian Ruling In Favour Of Tobacco Plain Packaging - me too

uTorrent Makes Ads Optional Following User ‘Revolt’ - this was predictable

Universal Music Uses Bogus #DMCA Claim To Take Down Negative Review Of Drake's Album - just for a change

Translating #Wikipedia to the language of the #Maya - fab; and this is even more fab -

Operation Flex: the most incompetent FBI sting ever? - sounds it

John Luther Adams: Complete Recordings on Spotify - new one to me

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