Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Thinking Green in Georgia - shame on #georgia for this incredibly short-sighted move #pollution

UK Government revives plan for greater data-sharing between agencies - this is not good #privacy

Can Anonymous Fix Online Music? - curious move

RT @jerezim Counter-offensive of the pro-#ACTA in the Industry (ITRE) committee in #EuroParl. "It's about whether we want property or not"

MT @EDRI_org MEPs lining up to ask for correction of #ACTA from COM. But text is final - if it needs correction, has to be rejected>>doh

Sina Cloud Computing Joins #OpenStack - potentially important #china

TDF Releases Getting Started Guide for #LibreOffice 3.4 - useful #ebook #free

Artist Gwenn Seemel: #Copyright is about fear, not money. - interesting thought

#Spotify Orchestra: Four Playlists for #Percussion - unusual

#Opensource adoption on the rise in the French government - both candidates fans, Hollande seems more so #fr

Rumor: #Baidu and Other Search Engines Will Have to Stop Indexing #Weibo Content - that would be pretty heavy #china

#ACTA "could involve the large scale monitoring of users' behaviour" - EU Data Protection supervisor v concerned

Gallo pro-#ACTA Opinion Must Be Rejected - pl. contact your MEPs on JURI soon

Book Launch: The Case for #Copyright Reform - free #ebook by @engstrom_pp&@Falkvinge

Interview with Charles-H. Schulz on #OpenStandards - wearing two hats: #libreoffice & #oasis

Oz mining firm's bid to quash parody backfires - as it always does (v @Asher_Wolf) #streisandeffect

Australian Police accused of software piracy - another reason to use #opensource (v @michael_nielsen)#au

Hacking Society - interesting bunch here; wonder what will come out of it?

The Serious Business of #OpenSource, Inc. - if freesw had to submit a 10-K...

Former UK children’s TV presenter launches Home Key, an operating system for the elderly - #linux-based

Labour IT mandarins make comeback bid for global transformation - this time, wasting trillions, not billions

EU liberals to reject #ACTA [de] - let's hope this is true (v @netzpolitik)

Introducing #Google Drive... yes, really - official, 5G free (v @jackschofield)

“Why I break DRM on e-books”: A publishing exec speaks out - & why #DRM is doomed

University of Minnesota Launches Review Project For #OpenTextbooks - cool

Transparenz: Bürger verlangen immer häufiger Informationen von Behörden - & that's good

The Internet's Political Voices Are Lining Up To Smash #CISPA - is the mood finally shifting?

Ear wax improves underwater hearing - for whales - well, I never...

Millions of Harvard Library Catalog Records Publicly Available - under cc0 licence, too – kudos

Three words for you Mr Hunt: Digital Economy Act - what he said

Chinese Official Says Proview Owns iPad Trademark, Not Apple - could be fun #china

Flyer gegen #ACTA - good stuff

Apps4Russia 2012 - great to see #opendata #opengov #russia

Macmillan’s #Tor/Forge goes #DRM-free - fab - the dam begins to break

#Copyright Maximalists Just Won't Quit: Pushing New Monopoly Rights For Performers Through Sneaky Treaty Agreement -

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