Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Piratenpartei steigt bundesweit auf 12 Prozent - wow; other parties should be quaking in their boots. #ACTA, anyone?

An Essay on the New Aesthetic - rambling but worth reading (v @boingboing)

Migrate all UK government IT to Linux based systems - rather forlorn hope, but hey... #epetitions

Microsoft makes Top 20 list of Linux kernel contributors - how times change

Prometheus v Mayo – A European view - further proof the #EPO is a waste of space #patents

Going global in search of great art - "30,000 high-resolution artworks"; sounds good #google

Red Hat donates $100,000 to "the future of open source" - good to see #cc #eff #sflc #unicef

Eric #Whitacre's Virtual Choir 3, 'Water Night' - do not miss eric's latest hi-tech wonder

#epetition: Scrap Plans to Monitor all Emails and Web Usage - UK people please sign & RT #CCDP

A dangerous erosion of individual liberty - good summary of why this is a stupid idea #CCDP

UK Surveillance plans: key questions - excellent stuff from #ORG: why we must fight this #CCDP

Boris Johnson plans to give police access to congestion charge cameras - just lost my vote, then #london

UK government's new plans for mass surveillance - "no place in a country that would call itself free" (v @ralpost)

question: why is there no #pirateparty candidate for London Mayor? I'd vote for them, I'm sure others would #fail

Punish them for spying on you - gladly: but how? piece doesn't offer answers here (V @~PrivacyInternational)#CCDP

German Scriptwriters Attack 'Greens, Pirates, Left-wingers And Internet Community' For Different Views On #Copyright

Piratenpartij weigert TPB-proxy offline te halen - dutch pirates show some backbone (v @AdV007)#nl

Arizona Passes Sweeping Internet Censorship Bill - insane: "illegal to use “offensive” language online" (v @Beautyon_)

Maintaining' 'lawful' intercept capability - "a claim built on strata upon strata of sand" - great post #CCDP

Stop UK Government Snooping - good to see 38degrees on the case: please support & RT #CCDP

Fear outweighs hope in #ACTA debate - kudos to @davidmartinmep for perceptive analysis (v @FelixTreguer)

Guillaume de Machaut: Complete Recordings on #Spotify - fab; one of my favourite composers

Digital Music Now Pays Artists More Than Pubs - time to accentuate the positive

Stop UK Government Snooping - epetition has already reached 36K signatures in a few hours: please support & RT #CCDP

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