Monday, 2 April 2012


US government orders UK carriers to extend no-fly list Brits travelling to non-US destinations - AFAICT, not a joke

World War 3.0 - overlong but reasonable piece about #ICANN, #SOPA et al. (v @mathewi)

Piratenpartei liegt bundesweit schon bei neun Prozent - interesting, assuming it's true </sigh> #pirateparty

Sharing Works: 100,000 concert recordings for free - nice milestone for #InternetArchive

Dolphin social networks are unusually open - open source dolphins

Microsoft's secret weapon against Google Maps -- open source - good analysis #ironyalert #osm

Will Hachette Be The First Big-6 Publisher To Drop #DRM On E-Books? - it will happen, as with music

A big leap and a logical step: Moving to PLoS - @CameronNeylon on his big move #openscience #openaccess

MPAA Targets Fileserve, MediaFire, Wupload, Putlocker and Depositfiles - should put this energy into innovation

Pirate Party Demands Payment For Its Hard Work - only fair: can't have any more "theft", can we?

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