Tuesday, 10 April 2012


I Grandi Autori e la pirateria - http://bit.ly/HA8oOj bunch of whining oldies spout FUD all'italiana (v @carlopiana)

Proxy War Against The Pirate Bay Heats Up - http://bit.ly/I9osHK inevitably

We Are Winning: How Pirate Parties Are Changing the World - http://bit.ly/IpbHob pretty amazing ascent

Shard and fraud? - http://bit.ly/IsLeZI intriguing analysis of yesterday's Shard pix story

Lakes and Oceans - http://bit.ly/I9xzbE beautiful and fascinating #xkcd

Red Hat's Billion Dollars And the Power of Free - http://bit.ly/IfdRb0 why zero means big numbers #businessmodels

How #ACTA stinks of Big Tobacco - http://bit.ly/HpgPIJ interesting angle (v @StopActaNow)

Just Because It's Now Cheaper And Easier To Spy On Everyone All The Time, Doesn't Mean Governments Should Do It - http://bit.ly/HrION1 #uk

Attention Marc Andreessen: #Microsoft Just Bought (Part of) #Netscape - http://dthin.gs/IakHPl more #patent bullying to come?

Once Again, The Administration Vindictively Charges A Whistleblower As Being A Spy - http://bit.ly/HnkxnD what a betrayal

Final Stats On Heartland Payment Systems Class Action: $1,925 To 11 People, $600k To Lawyers - http://bit.ly/HXJ57D just wow

Is #OLPC failing? Or is it The Economist? - http://bit.ly/HBG66b well spotted that man

UK State Spying needs to be shown the back door - http://bit.ly/HquiAg useful background info on #RIPA & #CALEA #CCDP

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