Friday, 13 April 2012


#ACTA - Whose rights does it protect? Join us for an open debate - Live from Brussels - streaming now - don't miss

NGOs give EU commission a beating over anti-counterfeit pact - good summary of yesterday's #ACTA meeting

#ACTA: The State of Play in the US - good summary (v @birgittaj)

Code Not Physical Property, Court Rules in Goldman Sachs Espionage Case - interesting judgment

"ACTA seriously threatens fundamental rights in the EU and other countries" - Greek MEP Dimitrious Droutsas at #ACTA meeting now – kudos

don't forget: we can make comments on #ACTA via input on this page –

#TPP’s Effects on the IP Law of Canada and Mexico - good detailed analysis

Tony #Blair channels Ronald Reagan, "doesn't remember" sending dissidents to Libya for torture - how strange...

Kulturstreit: Piraten wollen runden Tisch zum Urheberrecht - good idea #copyright

As #Germany Becomes Europe's East Texas, Microsoft Moves Its Distribution Center - rather telling #patents

lots of good comments on #ACTA and Internet - please add yours to get important points across

Sergei Stanishev, PSE president: "ACTA is definitely not the right instrument to fight the issue of piracy" Brussels meeting

Sergei Stanishev, PSE president: "v disappointed by approach of European Commission - part of secretive way of negotiating #ACTA" Brussels

Sergei Stanishev, PSE president: freedom of communication is "above any price" #ACTA

Sergei Stanishev, PSE president: "I'm callling for no to ACTA"

David Martin, ACTA rapporteur: "haven't yet found a government that doesn't say it won't change our domestic law"

David Martin, ACTA rapporteur: "I think it will force Internet Service Providers to act as a police force; not for me acceptable"

Why Twitter Should Be the New Wikipedia - intriguing, if slightly bonkers, idea (v @robinwauters)

Brasil ya tiene su Sinde y su SGAE - what on earth is going on in #Brazil? #copyright

US attacks computer patents - or, rather, the lack of them in #newzealand #swpats #tpp

Point of No-Return for #OpenAccess - interesting points

US Govt. Objects To #Megaupload Hiring Top Law Firm - US still trying to deny it a fair trial using any means

Is vendor lock-in costing Helsinki 3.4 million Euros per year? - no methodology = baseless FUD

[correct URL] Nest taps Apple’s former patent chief to fight Honeywell lawsuit - more patent insanity

Good News for Rare Amur Leopards and Tigers in Russia - kudos to #russia for setting up new park; hope it helps

Historic Archive Of Websites From The January 18th SOPA Blackout - great this historic moment has been captured

Are #openstandards a closed barrier? - if you disagree, please respond to this consultation soon:

#Portugal plans a digital storage tax that could cost €21 per terabyte - keen to avoid becoming a digital nation

Meet #9GAG, the Community Comedy Site That’s Growing Like Crazy - never heard of it; must be getting old

Is the G8 already working on a new ACTA? - now that #ACTA seems to be dying, is their next attempt? sued by Canada Post - legal defence fund needs help #postcode #ca

ACBF, an open/free digital comics format - cool

Scrambling for Safety 2012 - "stakeholders interested in surveillance policy for an open exchange of views" #uk #CCDP

WordPress completely dominates top 100 #blogs with 49% relative majority - another sector where #opensource dominates

#ACTA revival - MEP Gallo proposes meaningless compromise - #gallo completely out of touch with EU's mood

As Renco's lobbying drive fades, so does congressional support in its dispute with #Peru - well, well (v @PCGTW)

EU Rapporteur Deals Major Blow To #ACTA: Recommends Rejection By European Parliament - what will #EPP do now?

Will the #Pirates democratise Europe? - thought-provoking analysis (v @TeraEuro)

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