Thursday, 24 November 2011


Fixing #copyright: the solution - interesting approach, but it would be far simpler just to abolish the thing

Best. research paper abstract. evar. - have to agree, there...

Privés de copie ! Les droits du public discrètement laminés à l'Assemblée - #sarkozy continues his attack on the public

Move over Kinect — Displair from Russia is a gesture interface in thin air - a bit rough, but clever (v @mikebutcher)

Good to know in case you're on the #OWS lines - 2Their goal is to cause intense pain." staggering

#MPAA Costs Hollywood More Than US BitTorrent #Piracy - nice analysis

Surprise! #Microsoft quietly opposes #SOPA copyright bill - wrong-footed on this one

A Small Victory For #Patent Common Sense: Earth Closet Orders Are No More - <insert joke here>

Private Copying: French Parliament Downsizes The Public's Rights - (english version of earlier post) #copyright

New #EU Parliamentary Forum To Push For Even More Draconian #Copyright Laws And Enforcement - just what we need

Will the ECJ stymie attempts to identify internet users? - potentially very big #eu #piracy

EU regulator "concerned" over cellphone patents war - just noticed that monopolies are bad

New Research Shows Movie And Game Piracy On The Rise, But Won't Tell Us How It Knows - as usual: what a surprise

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