Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Map Projections - http://bit.ly/vZqxPF one reason why #xkcd is so good: because Randall Munroe is so knowledgeable

Perhaps The Copyright Industry Deserves Some Credit For Pointing Out Our Single Points Of Failure - http://bit.ly/ubExD2 important, pl. read

INTA chairman defends #ACTA secrecy - http://bit.ly/tzUAhY truly pathetic #transparency #eu

How to fix academic publishing again already - http://bit.ly/twc5O4 this thing is going to blow soon... (v @CameronNeylon)#openaccess

BSA name-and-shame tactic may have backfired - http://bit.ly/uuV3C3 oh, really?

“3 to 5 Years You’ll Be Able to Get Power Cheaper from the Roof of Your House Than From the Grid” - http://bit.ly/tkz2Rx I can't wait

#WIPO to Launch New Annual Report - http://bit.ly/rNe0rb "how the innovation process has become more open, collaborative and international"

Anti-Piracy Group Asks Court To Order Grooveshark DNS Block - http://bit.ly/t3NqYG too lazy to use DMCA #denmark

Le CSA revient à la charge pour réguler Internet - http://bit.ly/tf2aML "think of the children" (of course) (v @manhack @gchampeau)#france

German #Copyright Group Tries To Collect From Creative Commons Event - http://bit.ly/tfGfhF the bullies strike again #entitlement #de

Religion-friendly democracy & democracy-friendly religion - http://bit.ly/vkfmMz ignore #blair's cant, enjoy huge no. of deleted comments

[RT from weekend] Misleading Metaphors That Drive The War On Online #Sharing - http://bit.ly/vtS69x some good comments (one from #RMS)

#SOPA: Putting the extra in extraterritoriality - http://bit.ly/uBMon9 "no redeeming features to this proposed piece of legislation"

Matthew Gould & the Plot to Attack Iran - http://bit.ly/vN4x45 detailed post about UK's dealings with Israel: now needs digging from others

How the BBC's HD #DRM plot was kept secret … and why - http://bit.ly/uH8H3d how #BBC betrayed the British public; shabby & shameful

Want To See Peak Copyright? Here's What To Do - http://bit.ly/vtSj3G when will the public be given a voice? #peakcopyright

Why Barnes & Noble is an Open Source Superstar - http://bit.ly/t8ZIeg & why #Microsoft #patent threats are pure #FUD

Aaron #Copland: Complete Chronological Catalogue - http://bit.ly/u5UCMi unusual, and all the more welcome #spotify

UN sees boom in fees paid on intellectual property - http://bit.ly/vAyBzx er, that would be a tax on innovation #patents

#Copyright in Open Source Software - Understanding the Boundaries - http://bit.ly/sTR7jN useful summary to cut out and keep

Schools grab .xxx sites to protect names from porn - http://bit.ly/s8KRBA what an entirely predictable waste of money

RT @ushahidi Great @SahanaFOSS client integration with Open GeoSMS too. Slick coding coming out of Taiwan! #ICCM >>interesting

RT @SenJohnMcCain Very disappointed by statements at SC GOP debate supporting waterboarding. Waterboarding is torture. (v @Glinner)

Congress: Trading stock on inside information? - http://bit.ly/uKOjNN insider trading laws are only for the little people (v @dangillmor)

sorry, I am weak: Andrew Keen has written a piece on SOPA that is so bad I can't even bring myself to link to it lest I be besmirched...

Internet belongs to us, U.S. argues - http://bit.ly/sWfIkR everyone outside the US should read this and consider the implications #sopa

Leading U.S. Primate Lab Charged With Illegal Chimp Breeding - http://bit.ly/segGhV time to shut this horror down #animalabuse

How The Entertainment Industry Is Killing #Copyright - http://bit.ly/up4DCt it's just too restrictive, you see...

From My Dirty Little Secret to My Favorite Tool for E-Pedagogy: How 1 University Professor Learned to Love Wikipedia – http://bit.ly/uYQg2h

#SOPA Piracy bill could destroy FLOSS projects - http://bit.ly/tFiG4n I was going to write this, but Brian has already done it well: read it

Why All Filmmakers Should Speak Out Against #SOPA - http://bit.ly/vdQfBC powerful piece; by a filmmaker

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