Thursday, 10 November 2011


European Court Set To Rule On Crucial Internet Filtering Case - important stuff #censorship

LG signs deal with #patent giant Intellectual Ventures - the supertroll sucks more blood from the system

Mariposa de Obsidiana - typically brave of Eric #Whitacre to air his early works like this #music

Identity theft marketplace sells mothers' maiden names, dates of birth, etc - incredible, but I suppose to be expected

Updated European law will close Patriot Act data access loophole - long overdue #privacy

M$ Tried to Sabotage DebConf 11 - if it stoops to this, #Microsoft must really be running scared #Bosnia/Herzegovina

CBO: Generics Bill Would Save US $4.8 Billion - but propping up #pharma #monopolies more important

Antonín #Dvořák: Complete Chronological Catalogue - hugely underrated composer: strongly recommended #spotify

Website blocking part 1: two-tier policy making - shameful bias in #uk gov meetings: where's the public voice?

Russian Internet Content Monitoring System To Go Live In December - something very odd going on here #surveillance

#China’s Cyber Moves Hurting Beijing - disagree: its soft power is directed elsewhere (v @OxbloodRuffin @Asher_Wolf)

Costs in discontinued proceedings: Earth Closet orders are flushed away - patent law slightly more rational (v @Ipkat)

Turncoat EU Parliament Gives Up on Defending Free Wireless Communications - #openspectrum now

UK backs bid to overturn ban on cluster bombs - this shame must not happen (v @nevali @DaveHughesRFPB @paul_clarke)

Horizon 2020: investing in the common good - Brussels next week if you happen to be passing #openaccess

QR Markham's plagiarized spy thriller didn't stop being good when he was caught - the power of the remix #plagiarism

#Mozilla's Brendan Eich on the Birth of #Firefox - the man who oversaw it all #browsers

#Google vows to support #Android vendors in lawsuits - too little, too late

Google's Piracy Liability - what a sad, bitter and twisted little piece

OpenDNS Tells Congress Not To Create The Great Firewall Of America - and it knows whereof it speaks

Music, movie industries giving to Rep. pushing for copyright enforcement - gosh, no... (v @copyrightgirl @OpenCongress)

RT @J_Panaretos @karounos The speaker of the house Philippos Petsalnikos, new Prime Minister of #Greece in the interim coalition Government

A History Of Hyperbolic Overreaction To #Copyright Issues: The Entertainment Industry And Technology - nicely done

Which Causes More Harm: #Copyright Or #Patents? - just askin'... #intellectualmonopolies

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