Wednesday, 16 November 2011


UK Judges Think US Makes It Too Hard To Get Patents, Lower Patentability Bar To Show How It's Done - insane

UK border checks were waived for travellers in private jets, emails reveal - impressive: #REAMDE spot on again...

#Adobe Donating Flex to Open Source Foundation; Continues Fire Sale on Formerly-Core Software - Open Spoon Foundation?

My ICT teacher can’t mark my homework - this is a national disgrace #uk

#Bulgaria, #Romania targeted for illegal caviar trade - 5-year ban needed now #eu

#RIAA demands ReDigi stop selling used downloads - no surprise there #firstsale

First Listen: Kate Bush, '50 Words For Snow' - all of it, online, free from #NPR; classic Bush (+ Stephen Fry)

#W3C Announces First Draft of Standard for Online #Privacy - they've been quiet recently...

Why Google should buy Barnes & Noble - one way of supporting its anti-trust action against #Microsoft

Giacomo #Puccini: Complete Operas and Other Works on #Spotify - a soundtrack for Italy's high drama

European Commission gives qualified thumbs-up to #IANA rebid - good analysis

Viral video ‘Charlie bit my finger’ earned Charlie’s family £120,000 - new media

Gates Foundation donates $30m towards rural Internet initiative in Vietnam - + $3.6million MS sw to get them hooked...

RT @Coadec Ed Quilty: Approach to stopping revenue of pirate sites is internationally recognised #Hargreaves >>what's that? #SOPA

House Judiciary Committee SOPA Hearings Stacked 5 To 1 In Favor Of Censoring The Internet - frightened of a fair fight

New Study Shows Majority Of Americans Against #SOPA; Believe Extreme Copyright Enforcement Is Unreasonable - useful

Evidence, copyright enforcement & self-regulation - UK gov confirms it doesn't really have any evidence #piracy #deact

Warner Bros. Wants You To 'Buy' Movies Instead Of Rent & By 'Buy' It Means Spend More To Still 'Rent' - bonus NYT fail

A million EU album downloads for Adele, but why has this iTunes first taken so long? - good question

Artists Sue CBS, CNET, for Promoting and Profiting from Piracy - hardly; sense of entitlement much?

Anti-Hacking Law Criminalizes Most Computer Users, Former Prosecutor Says - they just don't think this stuff through...

#Ericsson Eyes Sales From Mobile Industry’s Top Patents Trove - pushes its way to the patent trough

Pirate Party Gains Another Seat In EU - hooray:@teirdes is a real gain for the EU parliament

Hacks and hackers gather to write the first Data Journalism Handbook - nice #opencontent #datajournalism

COMMUNIA policy paper on the proposed #orphan works directive - in short: not good enough #eu

Surprisingly sensible proposal for overhaul of the copyright system from Russia (Is Dmitry Medvedev a copyfighter?) -

God help us... the revolution runs on Windows! - why Occupy LSX is doomed...#clueless

Julian #Assange seeks to take extradition fight to supreme court - forlorn, I fear #wikileaks

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