Sunday, 13 November 2011


Misleading Metaphors That Drive The War On Online Sharing - careful what you say #copyright #intellectualmonopolies

#LEO: Celebrating The Pioneers - 60 years ago UK led the world in computing; now look at us...

Google-backed internet institute raises eyebrows - based in #berlin #(v @evgenymorozov)

#RIAA: #Google Refused to Remove MP3 Download App - wonder how this one will end

Barnes & Noble's Letter and Slides Presentation Filed with the ITC - great analysis of #antitrust issues of #patents

Surveillance and #Censorship in #India - good summary of what's happening

Approving the GM potato: conflicts of interest, flawed science and fierce lobbying - shabby stuff: more sunlight needed

Shanghai Gets Supersized - evocative piece about an amazing city; don't miss the pix #china

Behind the headlines: illegally downloaded games 'up 20% in five years' - excellent points #fud

Kieron Williamson: Boy wonder - painter prodigies seem to be quite rare

Samsung could win German injunction(s) against Apple's 3G-capable products in late January - interesting development

Expert: Regulators "slow to catch up" to Microsoft #patent bullying - more on the #antitrust angle

ISPs: Blocking The Pirate Bay Violates Freedom of Expression - surprised they didn't raise this before #nl

OpenPhoto - "digital equivalent of shoe-boxes filled with photos" #opensource (v @brianbehlendorf)

How stringently should the contempt laws be applied to new media? - good question (v @davidallengreen)#law #uk

MT @schestowitz The biggest crimes tend to be legal because those who commit those crimes are so wealthy they can afford to "legalise" them

“Shoot the Pirate” Copyright Campaign Descends Into Real Violence - incitement to murder? such nice people

I2P - Anonymity for the Masses - v interesting; I fear we're going to be needing this #surveillance #privacy

This is what a gallery full of 24 hours worth of Flickr photos looks like - of course, #copyright rears its ugly head..

Rebecca Coriam: lost at sea - confirms some of my suspicions about the weird world of cruises...

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