Monday, 29 December 2014


The Sony hack and freedom of information - long, interesting analysis of deeper issues here

Launch! - "Help  build a more ethical economy for the digital commons!"

Meet tech’s new concierge economy, where serfs deliver stuff to rich folk - sharp, depressing analysis #Uber

UK Young voters shun Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg in general election poll - hope for the future, maybe even @ge2015

#Australia records biggest emissions drop in a decade as carbon tax kicks in - shame on @TonyAbbottMHR for killing it

judging by this - it seems one of the best ways we can all improve result of #GE2015 is to urge young people to vote

Mapazonia - new project to map collaboratively the Amazon in #OpenStreetMap - fab idea; important, too...

Almost 7,000 UK properties to be sacrificed to rising seas - I'm sure climate #denialists will snap up these bargains

"MP who defected from Conservatives says dislike of foreigners is ‘not merely offensive but absurd’" - awkward #UKIP

MPAA Considered Pulling Out of UK Pirate Notice Program - what an unfunny joke this whole area #copyright

pic of the week : Kings Cross -  (v @Londonist)#london

Portuguese buses and taxis are also wi-fi routers - clever #pt

Freedom of Info at 10: Tony Blair's WORST NIGHTMARE - "Apart from Dr Kelly coming back from the dead, that is ..."

"The good news: New #Snowden documents show that some forms of #encryption still cause problems for the #NSA." -

"#PGP is more than 20 years old, but apparently it remains too robust for the #NSA spies to crack." - #crypto

secret NATO documents:  "US & UK far less scrupulous in choosing targets for killing than previously believed" -

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