Saturday, 13 December 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141211 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

Commissioner For Human Rights & Key EU Privacy Committee Strongly Condemn Mass Surveillance & Bulk Data Retention -

Challenges To The UK's Surveillance And Data Retention Powers Continue To Mount - #RIPA & #DRIPA under scrutiny

UK agents may have known of ‘odd case’ of CIA torture - "may have been present while waterboarding": here it comes

Record A&E waits show #NHS is cracking under pressure – doctors’ chief - this will be key General Election issue

European Commission Finally Engaging with #OpenSource? - some hopeful signs... #EU

EU & US want "investment regimes governed by rule of law" - but #ISDS is arbitrary & capricious, not "rule of law"

.@JunckerEU cools on making register revealing firms’ true owners open to public - shame on him for this backsliding

WSJ Writer: All The Failings Of Print Journalism Are The Fault Of The Internet - yeah, riiight

Australians May Get Their Own #SOPA - detailed analysis of copyright madness undermining the Net

Selbstorganisierte Europäische Bürgerinitiative nimmt Hürden in Rekordzeit - great work; more signatures needed

Commission ISDS report: Fireworks for new year - #CETA's #ISDS no basis: it's deeply flawed & completely unnecessary

WHO weighs in on climate debate - quite right, too; usual #denialist tosh is tosh

"US officials authorizing harsh techniques when our interrogations were working & their harsh techniques weren’t" -

Intellectual Ventures founder steps down: “market is tough right now” - can't wait for it to get tougher.. #trolls

Surprise: Spanish Newspapers Beg Government And EU To Stop Google News Shutting Down - that didn't take long #es

Pope Francis denies Dalai Lama an audience because of China concerns - not so brave, then

Tapping into the knowledge of indigenous communities - great move by @Wikipedia

Despite Racking Up Three Consecutive Unanimous Votes, FOIA Reform Bill Killed Off By Rep. John Boehner - shameful

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