Friday, 19 December 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141218 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

Latest secret #TPP leak reveals mass surveillance plans - See more at: #TISA, actually

#AU: The Commonwealth’s treaty-making process - important opportunity to raise concerns about #TPP & #TISA

How to Save #TTIP - good summary of key issues. but pointless reforming #ISDS: it can't be fixed, & we don't need it

#TTIP by end of 2015, EU leaders pledge - but @MalmstromEU:"full deal by...end of 2015 is probably not realistic.”

.@Greenpeace is developing its Political Lobbying network and we are looking for serious, reliable people -

EU to fund Free Software code review - great work by @Senficon - already...

US tries to strike deal with EU for immunity over online security breaches - oh, look at that #TISA (v @AdV007)

"EU said #Tisa would not force governments to privatise services" - but would forbid re-nationalisation #ratchet

Tierqual in Mastbetrieb für Wiesenhof-Konzern: Arbeiter erschlagen Enten mit Mistgabeln - unacceptable

Farmers, Unionists Protest EU-US Free Trade Talks - just the start; wait until the big demos next year... #TTIP

#TTIP:  "We need to bust some of the myths that are being put around," Cameron said - yes, we do: your myths

#TTIP: "there has been little progress on even basic areas such agreeing to remove tariffs." - finish in 2015? hardly

by pledging to finish #TTIP by 2015, EU setting itself up for embarrassing missed deadlines, just as Obama has with #TPP's missed deadlines

#ISDS: "Wenn dem so sei, "dann sollte man das in Europa in Ordnung bringen". Faymann sagte" - yes: Faymann gets it

"Ob die #TTIP-Verhandlungen tatsächlich bis Ende 2015 abgeschlossen werden können, gilt unter Experten als mindestens fraglich." you bet

China & “King Gesar”: Challenges of Putting an Oral Epic to Paper - interesting #tibet

The consequences of a crumbling #TTIP - but worth noting that TTIP predicted to cause big decreases in intra-EU trade

"#TTIP – would inject £100 billion into the European economy every year" - *not true*: best-case might, in 2027

it is dishonest of UK gov to claim #TTIP "worth over £100 billion to EU economy": if it needs to lie, shows how desperate it is

Cameron says: "we need to bust some of the myths about what #TTIP might do", then flat-out lies saying "worth over £100 billion"...

Los jefes de Estado de la UE se marchan de Bruselas para no coincidir con las protestas - running scared #TTIP

Illinois Woman Files For Trademark On Phrase 'I Can't Breathe' Because This Is America Damn It - </sigh>

TTIP Update XLV - They want "facts" and "hard evidence" about #TAFTA/#TTIP? Here they are... #ISDS #trade

El #TTIP: un atac a la democràcia i la sobirania dels pobles - "el triomf definitiu del paper de les Multinacionals"

Angeklagter Banker erpresst Österreich mit Investorenklage - #CETA/#TTIP will increase threat a hundredfold #ISDS

EU people: a gift that will last for years: pl. sign the Stop #TTIP petition - currently standing at 1,206,096 sigs

Congressional Leaders Reject Wall Street’s Push for Deregulatory “Trade” Pacts - #TPP #TAFTA #TTIP

How #cookies can be used for global #surveillance - "underscores the importance of HTTPS deployment on the web."

Green light for world’s largest planned tidal energy project in Scotland - interesting #energy

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