Saturday, 6 December 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141204 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

"The most surprising opinion I got out of him was his 95 per cent-of-the-way refusal to support the #TPP" - #NZ

US Government Study Predicts #TPP Trade Agreement Will Produce Practically No Extra Growth For Anyone - why bother?

Sind #TTIP und #CETA eine Gefahr für Klima und Umwelt? - (v @andrea_licata)

Investigatory Powers Tribunal rules #GCHQ mass surveillance programme TEMPORA is legal in principle - #whitewash

#UKIP's Farage says women who breastfeed in public should 'sit in the corner' - his mum must be so proud #kippers

The Alicantation of the European Patent Office - #EPO is a farce wrapped up in a joke...

Stop Forests Being Erased Through Illegal Logging - #epetition

One man's fight against #Africa's ivory poachers - shame on #hongkong for its complicity in this massacre

#TTIP: "Trade supporters have been taken aback by the opposition." - well, try listening more...

Law to ban wild animals in UK circuses being blocked by three Tory MPs - what selfish, backward scum

Engaging with #OpenSource Brings Competitive Advantage - get close to projects you depend on before your rivals do

#NHS budget squeeze 'to benefit private healthcare' -  (v @NHAparty @Spinwatch)

.@washingtonpost reports: Free trade with U.S.? Europe balks at chlorine chicken, hormone beef. -  (v @PCGTW)#TTIP

Emboldened By Midterms, ALEC’s Anti-Environment And Clean Energy Agenda Is Worse Than Ever - (v @sivavaid)

Ron Wyden Introduces Legislation Aimed At Preventing FBI-Mandated Backdoors In Cellphones And Computers - bravo

OpenMedia: Your support will enable us to fight the Trans-Pacific Partnership's Internet censorship in 2015! - #TPP

#Germany: privatisation of 32% stake in DTelekom - see why they will veto #netneutrality? - money before morals...

"Was heißt innovationsfreundliches Net? Es bedeutet, dass es eine bestimmte Sicherheit für Spezialdienste gibt" - no

Europe greenlights construction of Extremely Large Telescope - oooh, that's exciting #science

POC21 program wants to bring Open Source solution to the Sustainability problem - "solutions for sustainable living"

MEPs block push to delay safer lorries - quite right: many children will die unnecessary with a selfish delay #FR #SE

Why Requiring Social Networks To Monitor Posts To Spot Terrorists Will Make It Even Harder To Catch Them -

"anxious to find ways of subverting public protests against local [hospital] closures and service changes" - #NHS

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